Major Coronavirus Breakthrough: US Scientists Find Possible Cure for COVID-19

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world infecting people in more than 170 nations

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus or COVID-19, scientists are working at a rapid pace to find a cure for the disease. Now, a group of scientists in the US has probably found a cure for the deadly novel virus. As per reports, a study published in the Science Translational Medicine journal stated that the researchers have found a therapeutic target, which plays an important role in the replication of the virus inside the human body.

The team of scientists has made an observation that the attempt to competitively hinder the role of the coronavirus 3C-like proteases, also known as 3CLpro can prevent the spread and longevity of the deadly novel virus.

Probable COVID-19 Cure Discovered?


"This paper describes protease inhibitors targeting coronavirus 3CLpro, which is a well-known therapeutic target," one of the scientists Kyeong-Ok Chang who is a professor at Kansas State University in the US as reported by the Financial Express. The researchers in the study mentioned that that found the use of the optimized coronavirus 3CLpro inhibitors block the replication of the novel virus in cultured cells.

If the latest claims of the US researchers hold viable for a larger sample, it is going to serve the world in a major way as a number of mobes made by scientists all over the world are yet to give a concrete cure for the virus.

The number of cases continues to increase day by day as the US is currently the worst affected nation due to the virus followed by Brazil and India. The deadly virus outbreak h infected over 18.3 million people globally and claimed the lives of more than 694,000 worldwide. More than 100 vaccine candidates are currently at different stages of the trials all over the world. An effective virus is expected by the first quarter of 2021 as experts are claiming that the world will witness a resurgence in virus cases at the end of this year.

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