Major Breakthrough in Gilgo Beach Serial Killing Case, Name to be Revealed Soon

After 20 years, Cops Have Identified the Victim of Long Island Gilgo Beach Serial Killing but the Murderer Is still at Large

Cops have found a major breakthrough in the Long Island Gilgo Beach Serial Killing Case. Victim so far named as "Jane Doe #6" is said to have been identified. DNA and genetic genealogy helped identify her, said Suffolk County Police Department.

The cops mentioned that the victim's name will be revealed in the near future. They cited that finding the identity of the victim is major evidence and can help the investigation big time. 'Jane Doe #6' was found dead on Long Island Barrens in Manorville in 2000. More similar cases were found in the same spot in 2010 and 2011. Cops have not been able to identify the serial killer yet but said that he/she was involved in the killing of at least 10 to 16 women.

Identity of Victim Game Changer?

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The current proof of identification of the victim is considered as a game-changer for the probe. However, experts say that no names will be revealed at least this Saturday or Sunday. Thus the exact date of the victim's name to be announced is still not known.

Another breakthrough in the case is about Shannan Gilbert, whose body was found in Ocean Parkway in 2011. Before vanishing, she had called 911 and said that someone was trying to kill her. Shannan was identified as an escort and was meeting a client on a fateful day.

Victim's record to be released

The latest information in this regard is that the record of her call to 911 will be released soon. However, the court has barred lawyer John Ray from divulging the contents of the call record. News12 said that the tapes were extremely valuable. We need voice enhancement due to the nature of the voices, he said.

The victims of serial killing were found along the Ocean Parkway, near the remote beach towns of Gilgo and Oak Beach in Suffolk County, and some in the area of Jones Beach State Park in Nassau County. Bodies of four victims were found in December 2010. Remains of six more victims were found in March and April 2011.