'Magic for Humans' Season 2 to release on Netflix in December 2019

The second season of the show is ready to bring new gifts, surprises and magic to all the fans around the world.

Magic for Humans
'Magic for Humans' ready to bring its magic in Season 2 Justin Willman (Twitter)

"Magic for Humans" Netflix's magic series is set to be the Santa for its viewers in coming December 2019. It is ready to bring new gifts, surprises and magic to its lovers. Though the prophecy has been made earlier in December 2018 which is going to be fulfilled now in coming month.

The new season which is designated as season 2 will bring full of Christmas content.

Magic for Humans season 1 had six episodes but it is yet to be seen what season 2 will bring for its viewers.

Netflix has been ramping up its reality-TV content over the past many years in many different genres and now it is working to expand the area of magic. There are a lot of new shows which are taking place but among all the new shows, Netflix is producing "Magic for Humans" which sits alongside other new titles like Death by Magic and many more.

According to the press release from Netflix's media centre, Season 2 will spread its magic on its viewers from next month because the show is scheduled for release worldwide on December 6 2019. It currently occupies the same day as when Marriage Story will release on the online streaming platform in Netflix's December lineup.

We know that season 2 is about to bring many new surprises and had been filming right up until September 2019 when a producer for the series teased what we can expect from the upcoming season.

Along with season 2, Justin Willman did not lose the opportunity to invite the fans to his live shows. He teased his upcoming second season and used the opportunity to advertise for his live shows at the various locations in the United States.

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