Madtown Twitter/Official

Korean boy band Madtown may be headed for disbandment amidst their legal dispute with their entertainment agency.

Madtown members have filed a lawsuit against GNI Entertainment last September to nullify their contracts, saying that it completely abandoned them and they were left with no manager, dormitory or office. Back in March, GNI Entertainment's CEO Sung Chul Ho was arrested for fraud.

Now the boy band's lawyer has revealed that members have expressed different opinions about whether to remain in the group as some of them will have to fulfill their military service while others are disillusioned about the Korean entertainment industry.

"The members have different opinions about their future promotions and the directions they want to take. Some members want to continue as idols, while others are tired of the entertainment industry," the lawyer from Sun and Partners stated.

He added, "Because some members are done with the entertainment industry and others need to enlist in the military soon, it looks as though it'll be difficult for all the members to promote together as a group. The group needs to take the first steps towards disbandment."

Debuting in 2014, Madtown is composed of Jota, Daewon, Moos, Buffy, Heo Jun and H.O. They moved to GNI Entertainment after J.Tune Camp closed down.

Madtown's lawyer Sun Jong Moon previously revealed that the group members were left on their own, saying "Madtown has been receiving no monetary, material, or human resources from their agency. There are no employees working in their agency, their website is down, and the office space has already been sold."

He said Madtown had "no transportation, no manager, and not even a dormitory. This makes it impossible for the members to hold any activities, and they have been unable to promote since their last album, which was released in June 2016."