MadeMan Establishes New Gold-Standards In Simplicity and Performance For Men's Skincare


There are countless skin care brands on the market, yet most target women, effectively leaving out close to 50% of the population. On top of that, the array of multi-step regimens and ever-evolving beauty-tool trends often seem unapproachable, and in effect ostracize men. One company has set out to fill the void. MadeMan, founded by serial entrepreneur and Bitcoin-investor Jeremy Gardner, has set out to make skincare accessible to men with a simplified two-step solution that can be easily adopted by both busy businessmen and the "macho men" who consider soaping a beauty product. But to Jeremy, it's about more than just skincare, it's about starting a conversation.

Created out of the desire to alleviate his own skin struggles, which were met with much frustration and no real resolution—as Jeremy, like most men, found the standard five-plus step regimens far too complicated and time-consuming for his busy and unpredictable lifestyle—MadeMan aims to do things differently. The line packs all the essentials and potent top-of-the-line ingredients of a full skincare routine into just two products. The mere two-steps that comprise the Re(Set) Collection are a robust all-in-one moisturizer, The Refresher, and The Resetter, a face wash that doubles as a shaving cream. This simplification and functionality offer a solution to 55% of men who do not take care of their skin.

Jeremy was not only driven by his own needs and efficiency, but by purpose. He wanted to help the "modern gentleman" put his best foot—or in this case, face—forward. Looking good is a key part of the confidence equation that allows one to go out into the world and seize the day—to be the best version of themselves while leaving their unique mark. This is the idea behind MadeMan, which is really more of an aspirational lifestyle brand, as seen by the company's Instagram, as their mission is to "redefine what it means to be a man in 2020." Jeremy wants the company to inspire men to reach their full potential, explaining that today, a MadeMan is "the guy who is the best he can be in everything he does and is the best he can be for the people in his's about being a good man, it's about positive masculinity." With this goal in mind, it's no wonder the company is set up as a public-benefit corporation, with a portion of their proceeds going to Defy Ventures—a non-profit that teaches incarcerated individuals entrepreneurship skills. The company's values even bleed into the products, both of which hold vegan, cruelty-free, "Made in America," and B-Corp certifications.

MadeMan, which officially launches this month, can be followed for important updates and a daily dose of inspiration, on its website and social media pages.

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This article was first published on September 23, 2020