Is MacKenzie Scott Files for Divorce From Dan Jewett; Was the Rift Over Their Philanthropic Partnership?

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MacKenzie Scott, one of the richest philanthropist in America, is divorcing her second husband Dan Jewett.

Scott, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, had married Jewett, a science teacher, at a private school in 2021. Jewett had entered into a philanthropic partnership with Scott pledging to give away half of their wealth before they die.

However, it is learnt that Scott and Jewett got of this partnership recently, which points towards the change of heart in the latter's case. According to the social media speculations, this could be the probable reason behind the Scott's decision to get divorce.

Mackenzie Scott

Dan Jewett Married MacKenzie Scott for Her Money; Social Media Chatter

A report published by Bloomberg referred to Scott's divorce petition filed in the King County Superior Court in Washington State that reads, "We ask the court to dissolve our marriage."

The document shows the couple have a contract spelling out how to divide real estate and other personal property. "Spousal support is not needed," it adds.

Jewett had categorically expressed his commitment on the webpage of a philanthropic organization. "I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know — and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others," Jewett wrote in his message on Giving Pledge in 2021. "I look forward to the growth and learning I have ahead as a part of this undertaking with MacKenzie." But these comments have been deleted. Similarly, Scott has deleted Jewett's reference from her author bio on Amazon.

Scott's net worth is around $27.8 billion as analysed by Bloomberg. Being a passionate philanthropist, Scott donated handsomely for various charitable causes after her divorce with Jeff Bezos in 2019. She has donated more than $12 billion in last three years.

A few of Scott's detractors have opined that she must have got bored with the modest science teacher and his simple ways of life.

A large faction of social media followers have termed this divorce as the outcome of the Scott's realization that she was used by an opportunist for her money and assets. They also stated that it was a win-win situation for Jewett who enjoyed the luxuries while remaining married to Scott and would get his share from real estate and other possessions after divorce.

A Twitter user expressed, "I know that prenup is tighter than a drum. Mr. Schoolteacher going from the private jet back to Spirit Air."