Luxury Sailing Basically in Private - Cruises with Lorenzo Tawakol

Lorenzo Tawakol

Imagine a cool ocean breeze blowing on your face, the warmth of the afternoon sun on your skin, and a catamaran with seven of your closest friends sailing across the Italian coast. That's what Lorenzo Tawakol's business, Luxury Sailing, offers.

The typical week-long cruise can accommodate thousands of people. When you're looking to get away from society, that many people can ruin that vacation feel. Crowds, lines, and noise can be distracting when you're trying to relax. When looking for private vacations, though, the cost can be unreasonable for most people.

That exclusivity can break the bank with other companies that offer private cruises - not here, not with Luxury Sailing. They've found a way to lower the price per person offering cabin cruises. This ends up making the experience of a luxurious private cruise available to everyone by sharing the boat with less than 8 guests who live together for a week.

It is not just for those that speak English. They have 24-hour, 7-day-a-week customer service representatives who can communicate in English, Italian, French, German, and more. They can help with your specific needs in the language you're most comfortable speaking in.

Lorenzo personally selects the boats used for the cruises, another one of their unique qualities. Searching for modern high-quality sailing catamarans, they only use and select the best boats available; installing every customization and additional accessories to make the cruise as comfortable as possible, being on an unpredictable sea.

Local connections set them apart from other cruises that hire a travel agent somewhere on the other side of the world. They hire local skippers and chefs. That way, the chefs can work with the food and culinary traditions they are familiar with. It is easier to integrate cruises with the local culture and tradition when those working on it are locals.

Lorenzo manifested the change in the chartered sailing business in Italy, redefining yacht sailing with an innovative and sustainable business model.

If you're looking for a luxury cruise around Italy and Sardinia, book with Luxury Sailing, LTD for an unforgettable week-long getaway.