Lucky" Hands: How Stock Market Investor Gianluigi Ventre Turned His Life Around at Age 19

Gianluigi Ventre

The typical 'teenage dream' often involves living in a fast-paced environment of love, excitement, and unforgettable experiences. Most teenagers are partial to the idea of living life to the fullest. However, this fever dream rarely involves willingness to work odd jobs to earn a pretty penny and fulfill their dreams. In fact, fewer and fewer teenagers are being employed with each passing year. Granted, this may be caused by a much more demanding school environment, but teenagers need to understand that working toward a goal is a worthwhile endeavor, no matter how difficult it may be.

This was Gianluigi Ventre's mindset, whose teenage dream meant getting to see the world on his own terms. Perhaps Ventre had the same aspirations as his peers at age 19, but the way he turned his life around was a little bit different.

Back then, Gianluigi Ventre had two interests: boxing and the world of finance. Like any other teenager, his goal was to live a life different from his parents, with his mother being a factory worker while his father was a bar owner. While in high school, Gianluigi turned his attention to Texas Hold 'Em Poker, thanks to his father, who also dabbled in the trade. There, the younger Ventre started earning his first income as a player and a croupier. Fueled by his recent success, Ventre began studying poker more and more and quickly researched the latest strategies online, which proved useful in improving his game. Gianluigi started establishing himself in the field, which allowed him to have excellent earnings while still being a teen.

At the same time, Gianluigi also took his boxing training seriously. What started as a way to train himself at home, Gianluigi's boxing interest prompted him to also enroll at a gym where former pro boxer Agostino Cardamone took the young Gianluigi under his wing.

But these weren't Ventre's only interests. His passion for trading quickly grew, especially when he entered university. Since college could no longer provide him with what he really wanted, Gianluigi Ventre decided to move to Milan and later on to Lugano, to personally visit the famous banks in the area.

Despite earning a considerable amount of cash thanks to boxing and his poker games, Gianluigi chose to end the rest of his ventures to focus on trading. His so-called baptism by fire happened when he entered and won a trading competition against 200 other contestants. During that time, he cashed in a whopping $50,000. As an entrepreneur, he used his winnings to start his own company that aims to guide individual traders on their investment journey and build lasting wealth. With his talents, he turned enough profits to manage and impart his wisdom not only to European investors but also to anyone who wanted to live a life of affluence, just like he does now.

Nowadays, Ventre attracts clients not by promising millions and millions of dollars in income by the day, but by setting himself up as an example of how he lives life through successful trading in the stock market using automatic systems. He has helped thousands upon thousands of people achieve the same level of success throughout more than seven years in the business. With that being said, it is evident that Gianluigi has achieved his teenage dream of living life the way he wants to while helping others do the same.

If you want to find out more about Gianluigi Ventre's business, you may check out his website or visit his Instagram page, @gianluigi_ventre.