Lucifer season 5 episode 1 [spoiler]: Amenadiel goes to HELL, star teases time jump & other worldly danger?

New still from Lucifer season 5 shows Amenadiel visit Hell and star D. B. Woodside teases dire consequences on Earth

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Lucifer season 4 wrapped up with an intense nailbiting moment as the Devil (Tom Ellis) finally confesses his love to Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Unfortunately, it comes with a frustrating setback as Lucifer is forced to return to Hell and continues to remain in the place in the upcoming final 5th season.

Lucifer season 5 episode 1 is expected to cover the Devil's stay in Hell. But there seem to be more stakes at hand for Lucifer to remain in the "Hellish" grounds. Possibly so frightening or dangerous that even Amenadiel (D. B. Woodside) has come down to pay a visit.

A new photo released by EW shows Amenadiel go visit Lucifer in Hell due to an urgent matter. You can check it out below. On first look, fans could question if the image is, in fact, a portrayal of Hell. But it must be noted that as shown in previous seasons, parts of Hell are depicted differently.

Lucifer Season 5 Netflix
Lucifer Season 5/ EW via Netflix

"He definitely goes to Hell," D.B. Woodside tells EW. "There's something going on, on Earth that Amenadiel is not able to handle by himself." The first season of Lucifer makes it clear that Amenadiel hates Hell and at one point was even appointed by God to look after Hell in Lucifer's absence. But God's favorite son soon learns that he's not up for the task and persuades his brother to return.

Surprisingly, Amenadiel's return to Hell could suggest there are dire consequences awaiting the angels. Though Woodside couldn't share much, the star teases that surely something is wrong on Earth. "knowing that's the last place our warrior angel would want to be, the stakes must be extremely high," says Woodside. "There has to be something very, very bad happening on Earth for Amenadiel to go down to Hell. There has to be an extremely strong, perhaps an otherworldly reason for him to visit Hell."

The surprising reveal from Woodside seems to confirm an early rumor that Lucifer season 5 could begin with a time jump. Moreover, with Lucifer out of the picture, Amenadiel seems to have copied some of his brothers' style and taken over his responsibilities. "People need to keep in mind that time flies down in Hell," says Woodside. The actor went on the explain that Amenadiel leaving Earth as well as his son hinting that "something really bad happening on Earth."

Lucifer season 5 part 1 will air in 2020 on Netflix. The final season will be released as two-part series.

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