Luca Schnetzler Shares How to identify the potentiality of a start-up

Luca Schnetzler

With the rapid growth in technology and digital space, several channels of business have sprung up. Most of these businesses are promising start-ups with brilliant ideas and innovative strategies. As start-ups need funds during their initial years for that big boost to become a million-dollar business, they eagerly look for angel investors. Although investing in start-ups has less risks compared to big brands, certain criteria determine the future growth of these start-ups.
Netz Capital is an angel investment firm launched by Luca Schnetzler, the German professional footballer. The firm has a track record of some smart investment in start-ups and seems poised to generate higher returns in the near future. Netz Capital goes by the principle of less risk and more gains, which is why the firm started investing in start-ups. The capital that a start-up requires is comparatively less than a big brand. Moreover, no collaterals are involved so the angel investor has complete freedom to scrutinize their business plans and strategies before investing. The returns often come in the form of a substantial share in the company profit, partial ownership, or a higher payback rate after a certain period.

With all these lucrative options to grow money, more and more business angels are following the path of Netz Capital. However, every investment option has some form of risk associated with it, and investing in start-ups is no exception. If the company fails to execute its business strategies as per plans or if the market demand of the brand declines due to changing trends, then the company will start to sink. In a situation like this, an investor will find it difficult to retrieve the principal invested amount. To avoid such risks, Netz Capital considers verifying certain details about the start-up, including the business policy, core strategies, operational planning, and future approach.

Business policy always highlights the goal of the business and ways to achieve it, no matter what business area it is operating in. Every start-up should have a goal to grow into a corporation in the future, and that should be supported by strong strategies. These strategies can include wise use of funds, marketing campaigns, and customer relationship management. Operational efficiency determines the success of any start-up and that requires detailed planning. The smoother the operations are, the better the progress will be. Lastly, every business should look forward to grand upcoming opportunities to grow in the future.

Netz Capital has always analyzed these areas in any start-up before investing, and its intelligent assessment has paid off. Some of the promising start-ups Netz Capital has invested in are Chirping, a customer care and service company; Social SnowBall, an affiliate marketing app helping businesses expand their reach with affiliate programs; and Steam Commerce, an end-to-end e-commerce solution provider. Netz Capital has also invested in a direct-to-customer brand called Vibe, a men's hair care brand. The advantage of investing in a direct-to-consumer brand is the profit is not shared with any middleman. It is the manufacturer that decided on the pricing, thereby the profit margin.

Netz Capital has followed the changing market trends and analyzed future possibilities to make smart investments for higher returns. With such in-depth research and well-informed decisions, Netz Capital will soon become one of the top investors for promising start-ups.