Love Island USA Season 3 Premiere: Meet 12 Sexy Singles Searching For Love in CBS Reality Show

Another spicy season of Love Island is here. The new summertime episodes of Love Island USA Season 3 promise more drama and romance taking this season of the steamy reality show of CBS to the next level of the game.

Based on the uber-successful UK hit show, Love Island USA Season 3 has some of the hottest, sexiest, and most attractive singles, who are ready to pair up in new couples and romance their way to form deeper and meaningful relationships on the reality TV series.

Love Island Season 3 Premiere Date and Time

Love Island USA hits screens Wednesday, July 7, at 9:00 P.M. ET on the popular channel CBS and Paramount+.

So, before all of the drama hit the screens, here are the smoking hot contestants of Love Island USA Season 3:

Love Island USA
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Who is Trina Njoroge?

The sexy Trina Njoroge currently lives in Hacienda Heights, CA. She is 25 years old with the star sign Aries. Professionally she is a psychiatric nurse.

Who is Kyra Lizama?

Kyra Lizama was born and raised in Hawaii, which is the new location of Love Island villa. She's a COVID-Relief Worker and is looking for something with substance.

Who is Olivia Kaiser?

Olivia Kaiser from Anchorage, Alaska, is a business owner. She owns a cosmetology line in Arizona. Her infectious personality and adventurous spirit are surely going to attract the sexiest men in the Love Island villa this season. She is 28 years old.

Who is Cashay Proudfoot?

Cashay Proudfoot works as a waitress and is a proud New York native. Cashay, 25, currently lives in Brooklyn and is ready to romance the man she wants fiercely.

Who is Shannon St. Clair?

Shannon St. Clair hails from a small town in Pennsylvania. Clair, 25, works as a Controller at a Construction Company. She is ready to use her flirtatious nature to turn heads in the villa.

Who is Javonny Vega?

Javonny Vega, who hails from south Florida, is a spunky real estate investor. Girls at the villa will definitely fall for his infectious laugh and hot personality and his sense of humor.

Who is Will Moncada?

This handsome fellow moved to the U.S. from Colombia seven years ago. Will Moncada defines himself as "the sexiest Latin lover you have ever met." He is most interested for a genuine connection with someone who is down-to-earth. He is vegan and by profession a pro bartender in a cannabis dispensary.

Who is Melvin "Cinco" Holland Jr.?

Cinco is a sportsperson and hence a bit of a player too. He earned his nickname playing sports. He is going to be a bit of trouble in the villa, but hey, who doesn't like a challenge?

Who is Jeremy Hershberg?

Jeremy Hershberg appears to be the sweetest guy ever. Hershberg, 27, hails from New York and is a hopeless romantic. He's going to make hearts melt with his quiet presence and kind eyes.

Who is Korey Gandy?

Korey Gandy from Virginia Beach is currently ready to explore the beauties in the villa and later the world. He seems to be a passionate lover who is ready to find the one of his life.

Who is Josh Goldstein?

Josh Goldstein is the classic American guy, who plays baseball. He hails from Massachusetts and is known for breaking hearts. He defines himself as family-oriented, however, it would be interesting to see if he can give up his player ways to settle down.

Who is Christian Longnecker?

Christian Longnecker is an ocean man. He loves to surf, skate, and go snowboarding. The 24-year-old co-owns a wholesale coffee shop. He's basically the kind of package any girl would not want to miss.