Louisiana Man Kills His Grandmother, Stabs Mother and Shoots 3 Others in Gun Rampage

A 28-year-old Louisiana man has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his grandmother to death, seriously injuring his mother and shooting three people while trying to steal their vehicle during a rampage in Baton Rouge on Sunday.

Aaron Morgan Killed His Grandmother and Stabbed His Mother

The suspect is 28-year-old Aaron Morgan. The stabbing happened in a home near Perkins Road in the Wimbledon Estates neighborhood where Aaron's grandmother, Dianne Gafford, 78 was found dead. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office said it received a call just before 9 a.m. regarding this incident.

Morgan had stabbed his grandmother and mother at the home, Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said at a news conference. The man is also accused of stabbing his mother in the neck, reported The Advocate. The unidentified mom is in stable condition in the hospital.

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Morgan Shot 3 Individuals While Trying to Take Their Vehicles

According to the sheriff, after the stabbing, Morgan stole a gun and a car belonging to his grandmother and drove to the Highland Park Marketplace shopping center, which is on Highland Road. There, he shot three people in the parking lot in two separate vehicles and stole another car, deputies said.

The suspect then fled in another vehicle stolen from the parking lot.

EBRSO Deputies located the suspect driving a short time later and attempted to stop the vehicle. He abandoned the vehicle at the corner of Jefferson and Bluebonnet and fled on foot. Later, he pointed a firearm at deputies and deputies fired shots at the suspect.

The three victims — a man and two women — were hospitalized in stable condition, Gautreaux added.

No Known Motive

Morgan remains in the hospital in stable condition and is expected to recover, Gautreaux added. There is no known motive. According The Advocate, a preliminary review of court records show Morgan was never arrested for any violent crimes in East Baton Rouge Parish.

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He will be charged with his grandmother's murder, along with the other shootings upon his release from the hospital, according to the sheriff's office.

How Did Facebook Users React?

Some people on Facebook expressed their prayers for victims and thanked the Law Enforcement. One comment read, "I bet the shooter didn't have a concealed carry permit!" Another Facebook user said: "They want to defund the police but who they care when there is trouble POLICE folks can't have it both ways."

Another said: "I believe Morgan deserves the death penalty when convicted." Many have termed this incident as terrible and tragic. One social media user thinks that people are crazy nowadays and hence she carries her gun at all times. One comment read: "When is Baton Rouge going to be safe again?"

There was another comment which revealed, "Sunday's seem like the worst days for violent crime in BR."

Some Facebook Users Gave a Racial Angle to the Story

One user said: "Funny how armed white terrorists are treated with loving care when they have violent encounters with law enforcement unlike most unarmed black males who receive death sentences for simply existing."

Another said: "The terrorist pointed a gun at deputies and was taken alive, if a black man had stolen a bag of chips from a convenience store and moved too quickly he would be in the morgue right now."