Louisa Jacobson Gummer: Meryl Streep's Daughter Comes Out as Lesbian as Introduces Producer Girlfriend With Snaps on Mom's Birthday

Oscar-winner Ariana DeBose commented "live queen," while other fans rushed to the comments to congratulate Louisa.

Louisa Jacobson Gummer, the 33-year-old actress and daughter of Meryl Streep, has revealed that she is a lesbian. Gummer, whose father is Streep's estranged husband Don Gummer, shared photos with her partner Anna Blundell. She wrote, "blessed to be entering the Joyful New Era bb" followed by heart and rainbow flag emojis.

Louisa graduated from the Yale School of Drama with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in acting. She is known for her role as Marian Brook in the HBO period drama series "The Gilded Age." The photos were posted on Streep's 75th birthday on June 22. One follower commented, "Coming out at your mom's birthday is so iconic!"

No Better Moment

Louisa Jacobson Gummer
Louisa Jacobson Gummer X

Oscar-winner Ariana DeBose commented "live queen," while other fans rushed to the comments to congratulate Louisa.

In 2022, Louisa was dating actor Jonathan Higginbotham, whom she met at the Yale School of Drama. She told Vanity Fair about dating another actor: "It's great in a way. We share this strange career together and can complain about the same things. He knows so deeply what it is that I do."

Louisa Jacobson Gummer
Louisa Jacobson Gummer introduced her partner Anna Blundell X

"It's always a tricky thing to navigate the different stages of one's career. The imbalances that might exist during one time will flip and go the other way at another time. You just have to go with the flow and be really supportive of one another."

Streep and her husband of 45 years, Gummer, announced their split in October, revealing that they had been separated "for more than six years" and had chosen to live separate lives.

In a statement shared with Page Six, a spokesperson expressed that "The Devil Wears Prada" actress, 74, and the sculptor, 76, "have been separated for more than 6 years, and while they will always care for each other, they have chosen to live separate lives."

Meryl Streep with husband Don Gummer.
Meryl Streep with husband Don Gummer. Reuters

The pair first married in 1978 and have four children together: Henry, 43, Mamie, 40, Grace, 37, and Louisa.

According to the outlet, Streep, who attended the Princesa de Asturias Awards on Friday, was last seen with Gummer at the 2018 Oscars ceremony.

Mutual Divorce

The former couple were first introduced through Meryl's brother in 1978, and they married later that same year in September, in a romantic ceremony held in the garden of her parents' house.

Louisa Jacobson Gummer
Louisa Jacobson Gummer X

Their wedding took place six months after her late boyfriend and fellow actor, John Cazale, died in March 1978 following a diagnosis of lung cancer.

A year after John Cazale's death, the star of "Mamma Mia!" reflected on the loss, telling People magazine, "The death is still very much with me. It has forced me to confront my own mortality, and once you do that, you look at things differently."

Following Cazale's death, the actress had to leave the apartment they shared. Her brother and one of his friends, who happened to be Don Gummer, helped her during this time.

Meryl and Don grew close, and he allowed her to sublet his New York City apartment when he wasn't there. Their relationship deepened as they exchanged letters.

Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep Wikimedia Commons

During their marriage, Meryl and Don, who holds an MFA from Yale University, welcomed four children and now have five grandchildren.