Louis Gleize - the entrepreneur who made his place in the industry with Loyal Fitness

Louis Gleize

Becoming an entrepreneur is no walk in the park, the hurdles that people go through to establish themselves as an entrepreneur are not visible to the general populous but it exists and very few people who choose this profession come out successful. One such individual is Louis Gleize, the founder of the popular athleisure brand 'Loyalty Fitness'.

Loyalty Fitness is one of the fastest-growing brands across the globe, founded in 2014, Gleize left his studies to focus on creating his brand and when he released the company's first-ever collection in 2016, it was a hit among consumers.

Gleize's company's mission is,

"Loyal fitness is a fitness apparel and accessories brand, based in Canada. We are supported by many followers and customers throughout the world. Our brand was created by witnessing people in poor health that were looking for a way to change their lifestyle. This, Loyal Fitness was born. We wanted to help people believe that they can accomplish anything. That everyone has the ability to change their lifestyle."

Gleize is on a roll ever since the first collection came out, now the company produces multiple collections every year and they get sold out as soon as they come in stores.

Gleize is a humanitarian as well and believes in giving back to the community, for this reason, a portion of every purchase made at Loyalty Fitness gets donated to UNICEF to help the world's most vulnerable children with nutrition, healthcare, water, and protection.

Talking about his passion for his company, Louis shares, "Ever since I was a kid, I admired the likes of Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs, people who made a name for themselves as self-made entrepreneurs. I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur too so when I grew up I started studying and researching more about it.

"My other passion is fitness, so I combined both my passions and that is how Loyal Fitness was born" adds Louis.