Louis Gleize is bringing some light in the music industry

Louis Gleize

Louis Gleize is an entrepreneur and artist. He was born on January 14th, 1997 in Avignon, France, and moved to Canada in his early years with his family. His music is specialized in the Instrumental Hip Hop genre. From his childhood years, Louis was listening to music, specifically rap music. Social media was his primary mode to gain exposure for his name. It worked to his advantage as it gave birth to countless opportunities which made him what he is today with his clothing brand and music.

His songs and creations are available on almost all platforms. These range from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, YouTube Music, etcetera. Because of his clothing brand and music, he became a sensation in the world in no time. His recognition and status further elevated with time.
Through social media platforms, Louis has successfully turned viewers and listeners into his fans and followers. The list of his tracks includes titles such as The Test, Lifestyle, Clap, Selfmade and more.

"I feel like I needed to bring some great instrumental music into the Canadian hip hop culture." Quoted Louis. Wherever he has reached today has been due to his hard work and patience with everything he worked for.

As of now, the 24-year-old has been inspiring many people through his journey and humble lifestyle. We wish him more success.