Lotanna Ezeike- the man behing UK first application for influencers

Lotanna Ezeike

Everyone wishes to be successful, but not many put in the effort to be successful. Lotanna Ezeike is not one of those people. The 23-year-old Londoner spent his days and nights working on his app – XPO and now he's a leading force in the creator economy.

Lotanna's app XPO helps smaller creators get paid for their work instantly. Usually, influencers have to wait 30-120 days before getting their payments for endorsements.

Through XPO, this wait time is removed. The influencer puts in a payment request with XPO, XPO pays the influencers within 24 hours after charging 10% of the total invoice amount, then the brand pays XPO within 30-120 days.

XPO's innovative approach helps foster a healthy relationship between brands and influencers. Constant late payments demotivate an influencer, and losing an influencer is very harmful to the brand. But if a brand is always paying upfront then it risks losing cash flow. When XPO is involved, the influencer gets instant payouts, and the brand pays at its pace without any pressure – hence everyone involved is happy.

However, XPO's horizons are set on expanding. Lotanna wishes to scale up XPO through investments. He also has plans to partner up with big brands and offer XPO as an alternative payout option to influencers and agencies they work with. XPO has already worked with big brands like Nike and Experian and also has over 2000 influencers.