Lorenzo Green Shares the Obstacles in His Successful Entrepreneurship Care

Lorenzo Green

Lorenzo Green is the co-founder of seven multi-million dollar businesses. He is one of the most experienced digital marketers and web designers who started his career as a freelancer. Online companies and the technicalities behind e-commerce attracted his attention, and he started learning about the entire process right when he was a teenager.

He left his home in New Zealand when he was a teenager because he wanted to attend a domain conference. At 19, he built gaming and music forums quickly and earned a 5-figure income. However, his journey was full of obstacles, and his determination and passion helped him tackle the tough times. Let's look at some of the significant barriers that came his way.

Betrayal of partners

After graduating with a degree in digital media design and e-commerce, Lorenzo kick-started his career as an online marketer. He and a couple of his partners started one of the largest paid marketing forums in the world. Lorenzo was passionate about helping businesses to reach their full potential online and always looked for new ways to improve his skills and knowledge. But his biggest shock came when he was just 20 years old.

The partners with whom he had started the marketing forum duped him. He trusted them with the company's business dealings, and they used his investments for their benefit. This was a significant blow to Lorenzo because he didn't have enough money to part ways and start a new chapter. However, his motivation and zeal to work harder helped him overcome this tumultuous time.

No stable job

It wasn't an easy decision, but after years of working online, he understood that there was no stability in his life, and he had to make a tough decision about whether or not to change his path. For the next two months, he hustled and worked hard to build up his skills in digital marketing. Then, finally, he decided to pursue a career in this field. It was a risk, but he was confident in his abilities and knew it was the right choice.

Now, he is happy to have a stable career that he enjoys and can see himself doing for many years to come. He is a certified professional with experience driving traffic, converting leads, and managing social media accounts. His work has helped businesses increase their bottom line and reach new audiences.

Lorenzo says, "No one ever said that life was easy. We all face challenges, whether they be big or small. Some people shy away from them, while others view them as an opportunity to grow and learn. I belong to the second group of people. When faced with a challenge, I don't back down. I know the only way to overcome a challenge is to face it head-on."

For Lorenzo, challenges are an essential part of life. They help him to learn and grow as a person. Without challenges, he would be stuck in the same place working as a freelance graphic designer, never moving forward. Instead, he urges people to follow their dreams regardless of their challenges. Lorenzo shares more of his thoughts and learnings on his Facebook page.