Looking for Decisions in the Human Subconscious with Digital Marketing Agency Ooze Studios

Ooze Studios

In our increasingly digitised society, the world seems preoccupied with data, algorithms, and technological advancements. Often, we forget the driving force behind these bits of bitesize information — us, humans. To truly understand their ideal buyer, forecast trends or likely future scenarios, and spur creativity among the team, this Melbourne-based digital marketing agency puts the emphasis back on empathy. Jesse Mullins of the award-winning Ooze Studios shares how empathy holds the core focus in their data-driven approach. What makes empathy and data the golden pair of marketing?

What makes people tick

Empathy boils down to the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It isn't difficult to see why Jesse deems empathy 'one of the most powerful yet underappreciated tools in marketing. After all, understanding what makes people tick allows marketers to anticipate people's needs, wishes, and desires. This enables them to connect the right product or service with the right audience through the right message.

Data: (subconscious) choices brought to the surface

But how can you discern people's needs, wishes, and desires? How can you tell what people want and when? Especially when they don't really know themselves? That's where the subconscious comes in — it makes our choices, even the ones we're not consciously aware of. As Jesse explains: 'We're marketing scientists but we don't start from zero. As a digital marketing agency, we need to consume information about the target audience and research them extensively to have a good understanding of them.'

The theory of Determinism stipulates that as humans, we have no free will. No-one can control their next thought. So how can we have free will if we cannot control our next thought? This is just a theory, however, it does highlight the power the subconscious has over us. Imagine if you could start to tap into a group subconscious.

Empathy & Data: the golden pair for effective marketing

According to Ooze Studios, empathy is an absolute necessity in order to tap into the subconscious. This idea forms the basis of the agency's creative processes. This shows through in a number of ways, one of which is the development of the agency-specific 'Empathy Experiments'. These experimental modes of thinking help the Ooze team 'to see the world of the ideal buyer through their eyes'. This unique approach enables Jesse's team to generate innovative digital campaigns that appeal to audiences on a deeper level. On the Ooze Studio blog, Jesse goes more into detail about utilising the Empathy Experiments as a workplace tool for businesses operating inside or outside the field of digital marketing.

Strategy for success

Ooze Studios has been making waves in recent years. Last July, Australian Business Journal shortlisted the digital marketing agency as one of the top 15 social media agencies to watch in Australia. Moreover, Ooze Studios has managed to win four industry awards this year: three wins in dot Com's categories of 'social media ad campaign', 'online ad campaign', and 'website project for an association in addition to the 2022 Web Excellence award. Putting the empathy back in data undoubtedly pays off!

Interested to see how Ooze Studio can help you relate to your audience on a deeper level? Connect with Jesse and his team through Ooze Studio's website!