A Look At How Biden-Supporting Liberal Flag Carriers Headlined The Election Night

The 2020 US election is heading to a nail-biting finish. Unlike how the liberal flag carriers had declared before the election day.

Underdog Trump now believes the election is practically over. He just stopped short of declaring he won another term in the White House. On the other hand, the body language of Joe Biden was quite different. He sounded less assertive and aggressive and had to force smiles to punctuate a mechanical speech peppered with dry staccatos.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump addressing the nation at the White House on Wednesday. Twitter

As per the Associated Press, Biden has bagged 236 electoral college votes as against 213 for Trump. The election, hence, boils down to the states of Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Biden will have to win at least two of these big states in addition to Nevada, where he is leading. To win in two of those states is a challenge for Biden as he will have to wrest them from Trump.

How do the major Biden-backing newspapers reflect on the situation? None of them had predicted an election that would go to the wire. If you read NYT, WaPost or the Atlantic, there was no real election for that matter! A nice guy was just waiting patiently to walk into the White House.
Here's a look at how some of the Biden-backing liberal dailies summed up the election scene on their online editions:

Red Mirage
US Presidential Election results as of 12:42 a.m on Wednesday. DDHQ

Election turns into nail-biter - NYT

(Surely voters didn't lap up NYT's pontifications, made from a moral high perch?)

Trump holds on to Florida; Biden says 'it ain't over' - Washington Post

(For the WaPost suddenly Biden becomes the underdog, with the burden of swimming against the tide)

Four more years of Donald Trump could become a reality as the next 48 hours unfolds -- The Guardian

(Really, how do you feel, Guardian?)

Race Tightens Between Trump and Biden, Key States Still Counting - The Atlantic

With battlegrounds undecided, presidential race appears headed to prolonged count LA Times

For panicking Democrats, 2020 is déjà vu all over again - The Hill

Election 2020 live updates: Trump wins Texas despite Democrats' efforts; Biden tells supporters to 'keep the faith'
- Chicago Tribune

(Now Biden must hang on to faith?)

Trump, Biden presidential race goes down to the wire in key battleground states - Boston Herald

Race Tightens Between Trump and Biden, Key States Still Counting - WSJ

(WSJ had obviously not factored in a tight race all through this election cycle)

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