Longing for You Spoilers: Actor Na In Woo Dishes Opens Up About Detective Oh Jin Sung

Longing for You will premiere on ENA Wednesday (July 26) at 9 pm KST. The mini-series will introduce actor Na In Woo as detective Oh Jin Sung. In Woo has opened up about his character in the upcoming crime thriller drama. He described the detective as a honest, instinctive, and outspoken rural detective.

The actor said the detective has a strong sense of justice. He enjoyed portraying the detective as it brought him joy, gratitude, and happiness. He had fun during the production process. He hopes the viewers will enjoy watching him as detective Jin Sung on screens.

"Oh Jin Sung is an instinctive, honest, and outspoken rural detective with a strong sense of justice. I participated in filming with happiness, joy, and gratitude during the filming," the actor said while sharing his affection for the character.

Longing for You
Actor Na In Woo as detective Oh Jin Sung in Longing for You. Twitter/ENA

Longing for You Stills

With only three weeks left for the premiere of upcoming ENA crime thriller drama Longing for You, the production team has released new stills. The newly released images feature both sides of detective Jin Sung.

The first photo focuses on the detective, who gets lost in thoughts.The detective is wearing a black leather jacket while confronting the culprits with a firm hand gesture at the crime scene. Another promotional still shows him putting on a generous smile while standing with his arms behind his back.

Longing for You
Actor Na In Woo as detective Oh Jin Sung in Longing for You. Twitter/ENA

Longing for You Spoilers

The other cast members in the mini-series are Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yool, Bae Jong Ok, Lee Kyu Han, Jung Sang Hoon, Jang Hye Jin, Kim Hee Jung, Choi Kwang Il, Kim Chul Ki, Kim Hyung Mook, Park Hyun Sook, former NU'EST member Ren, and Jung Ga Hee.

"We will bring you a thrilling and immersive mystery drama this summer. The cast members' acting was so passionate that we have hold our breath throughout the reading. All the actors, including Na In Woo, Kim Ji Eun, and Kwon Yool, had such amazing chemistry that we couldn't believe it was their first script reading. Please look forward to it," the production team shared.