Longing for You: How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Longing for You is an upcoming K-drama focusing on the life of a detective named Oh Jin Sung. This mini-series will follow the detective as he tries to avenge his younger brother. Jinxed at First actor Na In Woo will portray detective Jin Sung in the drama.

Other confirmed cast members are Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yool, Bae Jong Ok, Lee Kyu Han, and Jung Sang Hoon. Actress Ji Eun will appear onscreen as prosecutor Ko Young Joo. She is a friend of Detective Jin Sung. Actor Kwon Yool will also appear onscreen as a prosecutor. He will play prosecutor Cha Young Woon, an elite prosecutor. The prosecutor works at the Central District Prosecutor's Office. He is the only son of the Jinjin Group.

Actress Jong Ok will portray Cha Young Woon's mother, Yoo Jung Sook, the director of Jinjin Medical. People around Jung Sook respect her for her skills as a doctor. Kyu Han will appear on screens as a correspondent for the prosecutor's office named Park Ki Young.

Here is everything about Longing for You, like the premiere date, teaser, poster, and streaming details.

Longing for You
Na In Woo as Detective Oh Jin Sung. Twitter/ENA

Premiere and Airdates

The upcoming crime thriller drama will premiere on Genie TV Wednesday (July 26) at 9 pm KST. New episodes of the series will be released every Wednesday and Thursday.

How to Watch

K-drama fans in Korea can watch the mini-series on TV through Genie TV or enjoy it online on ENA. International fans of Korean dramas will have to wait a little longer to know about the official streaming platforms.

Longing for You
Kim Ji Eun as prosecutor Ko Young Joo. Twitter/ENA

Posters and Teaser

With just a month left for the premiere, the production team of Longing for You released new posters and a teaser. Promotional stills feature heavy auras and facial expressions. Na In Woo, Kim Ji Eun, Kwon Yool, Lee Kyu Han, Bae Jong Ok, and Jung Sang Hoon captured the attention of K-drama fans with their expression and their character's motivation in the posters.

Na In Woo appears as Detective Oh Jin Sung. He gets transferred from the Woojin Police Station to the Special Investigation team to work on a serial murder case with Ko Young Joo (Kim Ji Eun) and Cha Young Woon (Kwon Yool). The text that explains his character reads: For the Truth.

Longing for You
Kwon Yool as an elite prosecutor Cha Young Woon. Twitter/ENA

The character poster of Kim Ji Eun features her as prosecutor Ko Young Joo, a woman with principles. The prosecutor works with Oh Jin Sung to investigate the serial murder case.

Kwon Yool appears in the poster as an elite prosecutor and the only son of the Jinjin Group, Cha Young Woon. Lee Kyu Han showcases an antagonist named Park Ki Young, a correspondent at the Prosecutor's Office. The character poster of Bae Jong Ok features her as director Yoo Jung Sook.

Watch the new Teaser of Longing for You: