Longevity Mountain Herbs: Why Choose Chinese Medicine as Compared to Conventional Medicine?

Longevity Mountain Herbs

Herbs and medicinal plants are best known for recovering ailments naturally without any side effects. Traditional systems of medicine continue to be widely practiced on many fronts owing to population rise, inadequate supply of drugs, and the prohibitive cost of treatments. Longevity Mountain Herbs is one such company that specializes in the Chinese practice of medicine by combining Chinese medicine assessment, Chinese herbal formulas, nutrition or "food therapy" Tai Chi, and lifestyle consultation. Clients are provided Chinese medicine ingredients from all over the world including Native American, North and South American, European, Egyptian, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, African, and additional Asian Medicine.

While Western medicine provides diagnosis through lab tests and focuses on eliminating symptoms, Chinese medicine takes into account all aspects of a person's health, which includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and climate, etc. Therapeutic modalities can have a wide variety of applications, such as herbal therapy, food therapy, meditation, physical exercise (Tai chi and Qi gong), massage and more. Though both types of medicines have their own strengths and weaknesses, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) impacts recovery of the root cause of the problem, whereas, Western medicine is more powerful but comes with significant side effects.

For example, according to a trusted source (2019), Chinese herbal medicines also exhibit anti-tumor properties and have minimal side effects as compared to radiation therapy and chemotherapy. If given in the hands of an experienced herbalist, acute conditions are usually resolved within 1 hour and chronic severe conditions begin to show relief in just 7 days. Long term ailments will resolve in 2-6 months depending on the severity and cooperation of the client. This follows with a comprehensive Chinese medicine assessment, and appropriate choice of herbs or formula with other Chinese medicine modalities, as needed.

Surprisingly, when it comes to the Chinese way of medicine, the results are fast as described by many writers on Chinese medicine in the past. For instance, Longevity Mountain Herbs provides 3 fast-acting formulas - Leg Revive relieves back and leg pain in 1 hour, Reflux Comfort recovers acid upsurge from the stomach in 1 hour, Digestion Qi removes stomach pain due to an irritable bowel in just one hour, to name a few. Long term conditions, such as hormonal imbalance with cramps and irritability can be resolved in 5 days with Female Comfort, enlarged prostate and related problems have been cleared up, usually, in 48 hours.

The medicinal products are customized as per the client's needs ranging from Circulatory Health, Cold and Flu, Detox and Elimination, Diabetes Health, Emotional Health, Eye and Ear Health, Digestion Health, Immunity Health, Men & Women Health, Pain Health, Tumor Health, Weight Loss, Skin and Beauty Health and Animal Health. Free Chinese medicine assessment is also provided for motivated clients.

The company, also, provides herb medicine formulas for pets and farm animals, restoring weak animals from stress and illness and strengthening their immunity. A lot of the animals referred to the senior herbalist come from veterinarians for cancer and hemorrhaging. Most vets know about Yunnan Baiyao which ceases severe bleeding. However, there are more Chinese medicine formulas that could benefit their client's pets rather than waiting to the later stages of the pet's condition that could assist in recovery. For those pets referred in the last stages of their disorders, many find relief, life extension while some recover completely.

Longevity Mountain offers many remarkable formulas for cold and flu conditions like fever, lung congestion, nasal congestion, achiness, and weakness with rapid immunity improvement. Longevity Mountain Herbs also aids women's major health issues like PCOS, endometriosis, perimenopause, menopause, extreme menopause, and post-menopause conditions. Men, concerned with their health, seek help for prostate problems, enlarged, painful testicles, erectile dysfunction, and detox.

The top ten reasons that clients seek help/relief from Longevity Mountain Herbs are menopause & extreme menopause; PCOS, PMDD, PMS, endometriosis, UTI; enlarged prostate and/or tumor; infertility & impotence; chronic pain; HSV & parasites; weight loss; digestion, acid reflux & elimination; diabetes; and low immunity, emaciation, weakness, excessive weight loss, loss of smell; heart and circulation problems.

All formulas are accompanied with a customized diet, lifestyle, exercise, emotional health recommendations, etc.

The herbal company began in 1998 and is based in Houston, Texas. Mark Hammer, a renowned master herbalist developed herbal formulas based on the extensive body of Chinese medicine and his knowledge of herbology from many other parts of the world. He also apprenticed under George Chun, who significantly influenced Mr. Hammer's belief in traditional Chinese medicine. Under the direction of Dr. Chun, Hammer studied Chinese medicine at the Scientific American Hanyak Institute. Hammer is also certified as a Level I, II, and Advanced Chinese medicine practitioner. In 2002, Hammer developed a more organized Chinese medicine assessment format with metrics. In 2003, he developed formulas for most mental health conditions. He has been practicing as a master herbalist for the last 30 plus years.

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