London Could be Coronavirus Free in Just 2 Weeks, Experts Predict

London is successfully battling against COVID-19

The coronavirus spree seems to be coming to a screeching halt in London as only around 24 new positive infections are being reported every day. Researchers from the Analysis by Public Health England and Cambridge University calculated that the 'R' reproduction rate vs the average number of people that an infected patient can transmit the virus has fallen to just 0.4 in London, with the number of new cases being cut into half every 3.5 days.

The researchers submitted the study and provided the numbers to a sub-committee of the government scientific panel SAGE - and estimated in the report that 1.8 million people in London (20 percent) have already had the disease. They claim between 10 and 53 people in the capital caught the virus on May 10. Their forecast also predicts that the number would drop to just 10 in the coming days.

It is vital that the numbers remain low in the coming days


London, which was once the worst affected city in the United Kingdom is successfully battling against coronavirus and decreased its numbers drastically but researchers warned that the downward trend must continue for the next two weeks and residents must be alert and not wander about as the lockdown is now eased across the city and follow strict social distancing measures. The experts predicted that if everything falls into place, all coronavirus cases can be fully eliminated during the first week of June.

Leading experts question the accuracy of the date produced by the researchers

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Right after the news broke that researchers from Analysis by Public Health England and Cambridge University predicted the coronavirus pandemic to come to an end in June in London, several leading experts questioned the accuracy of the data model and an epidemiologist spoke out against the study saying it is ''extremely unlikely'' the virus will come to an end so soon and other experts stated that the number of cases is above 24 in London as the testing has not been carried out to each and every resident of the city.

North-East England positive cases spiral up

As the cases are declining in London, the north-east of England has spiked up with infections as 4,000+ new coronavirus positive cases are being reported on a daily basis with an R rate of 0.8, twice the amount of London during the start of the pandemic. The north-west is also being hit hard as 2,400+ new cases are being reported every day causing fear, anxiety, and panic across the country.

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