'Living With Yourself,' new Netflix series features two versions of Paul Rudd

Marvel's Ant-Man, Paul Rudd's new show "Living With yourself" is premiering on 18 October on Netflix

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd Avengers/ Instagram

Have you ever thought about how it will feel like to live with your clone, who is the best version of yourself? Netflix's "Living With Yourself" which is premiering on the October 18 may have the answer for all these questions and assumptions.

"Living With Yourself" is an American comedy web television series. Created by Timothy Greenberg the upcoming Netflix series will feature Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea, who is also the executive producer of the show. Rudd is at his best even in the 50s and he looks so youthful and energetic in the trailer of the show.

This show has an interesting storyline and a concept that has been tweaked for the good. Netflix's new comedy web series that stars Paul Rudd, who in the show has been replaced by his doppelganger or rather a better version of himself.

He plays the role of a guy who seems to have lost his way in his life. There are two versions of him, one being the real him and the other being his doppelganger. In this weird and funny series, Rudd has played the role of Miles Elliot, a marketing wizard.

In this series, Miles is facing issues with his wife and it also looks like he is pretty tired of his job. In the show, he seems to be tired of everything and all he wishes for is to be a better version of himself.

This desire to be better and happy lands him up in a spa that helps people build better DNA. This is where the fun begins when his doppelganger is created. But just before the views start to assume that his life is full of cherries and roses, they see Miles emerging from a grave and the story takes a turn.

The show, "Living With Yourself", clearly revolves around the concept of how humans do not appreciate those valuable things the life has given them.

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