Litvinenko Accused Putin of Being Pedophile; Now Old Picture of Him Kissing Stomach of 5-Yr-Old Boy Reappears

Claims are now resurfacing that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a pedophile, an accusation that Russia's former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko made before being killed in 2006.

Older pictures are being recirculated on social media amid the Ukraine war, showing that Putin is kissing the stomach of a five-year-old child. Litvinenko had shared these pictures previously. The picture is from 2006 June, when Putin went for a walkabout near the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin kissing
Vladimir Putin kissing naked belly of a child Twitter

Putin Was Filmed Having Sex With Underage Boys

Litvinenko, who was poisoned with Polonium-210, also claimed that Putin was filmed in his student days abusing children at a Moscow flat where another Russian politician had a threesome with prostitutes, according to Daily Mail.

Vladimir Putin kissing naked belly
Vladimir Putin kissing naked belly of a child Twitter

He mentioned these allegations in Sir Robert Owen's inquiry report. It is believed that after such allegations, Russia could have ordered the assassination of the former KGB spy.

Putin Destroyed The Footage

Litvinenko also claimed Putin destroyed the footage in which he was seen having sex with underage boys.

Alexander Litvinenko
Alexander Litvinenko Twitter

The defected spy pointed out that the institute's top brass, where Putin graduated, were aware of the fact that he is a pedophile.

Andropov Institute's Members Knew Putin Is a Pedophile

Putin graduated from Andropov Institute, which prepares KGB intelligence officers. But despite graduating from the top institute he was not sent to foreign intelligence and was given a lower position in KGB Leningrad Directorate, according to Litvinenko.

He claimed that it was an unusual step that a trained KGB officer from Andropov Institute with fluency in German was given such a domestic position. The spy noted that the decision could have been taken as his bosses at Institute would have learned that Putin was a pedophile.

Putin Destroyed All Evidence Collected Against Him

Litvinenko also pointed out that when Putin destroyed all material collected against him by the security service when he became the FSB director. It was an easy task for him to destroy evidence as he was the top brass of the agency.

Putin destroyed such evidence as within months he was preparing for the presidency. Therefore, he thought of not leaving any evidence which could go against his reputation.