ListingCo - Leading Innovative International Property Listings to China


With the Chinese economy absolutely booming, citizens are increasingly drawn to property opportunities in the West. With the tourism and real estate industries being some of the biggest in the world, for Chinese citizens, purchasing property overseas is more accessible than ever thanks to ListingCo.

Established in 2021, ListingCo is a revolutionary PropTech marketplace that enables industry professionals to connect directly with buyers and clients in mainland China. ListingCo provides a new opportunity for US and Global developers and brokers, to engage directly with their Chinese buyers via a Livestreaming series and listing their projects on China's Largest Ecommerce platform with over 550+ million active customers.

Having secured an exclusive partnership with (also known in China as 京东, or "JingDong"), one of the largest online e-commerce platforms in China and globally, this collaboration provides a trusted means of communication and allows global developers, agencies, and industry professionals to list properties, and to present directly to their end buyer within a credible and efficient ecosystem.

Not only that, but the company has also launched a live-streaming channel in November 2021 as a digital tool to showcase property, attracting over 43,000 live-streaming audiences across the global real estate platform. Live-streaming platforms as a tool in e-commerce have experienced massive growth over the past few years, especially in China, where buyers are always looking for more stimulating and intriguing content and purchasing opportunities.

"We believe interactive live-streaming is transforming the way in which we present property projects to Chinese consumers going forward, gone are the days of listing a project and expecting it to sell out," says CEO and co-founder Roger Nader. "Our channel is quickly becoming the Netflix of Global Real Estate for Chinese buyers, Residential and soon Commercial projects"

At present, ListingCo's platform features 42 residential projects from top tier developers and listing agencies from over 14 countries with over 50,000 unique visitors in the last month alone and growing. This is not the time to be sleeping on the incredible property market phenomenon that ListingCo and their innovative real estate strategy have given us; buyers from the Far East will be looking specifically to ListingCo to make their jet-setting, expat-living, and luxury-living dreams come true. So if you are eager to get your property on the Chinese market, then get your presentation skills ready!

With such a convenient and far-reaching method of showcasing houses and properties, it is no wonder that ListingCo has been acclaimed as one of the primary game-changers in real estate.

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