List of new Android apps you might want to get now

Here is a list of new Android apps up for download now.

New apps have been released for Android devices via the Google Play Store. Both new games and productivity apps are up for download now and some of them are free. Here is a list of new Android apps up for download now.

Firefox Focus

This privacy browser automatically blocks various online trackers from the get-go of the surf until the end. One easy trick it does to prevent from annoying ads to persist in the future is that it removes history, passwords, and cookies. Say goodbye to unreliable "private browsing" on most browsers. Firefox Focus is free.

Order: The Memory Challenge

This app values brain so much. For many, memory might be the best asset. Order: The Memory Challenge is a game app to help users exercise it through puzzles and challenges. It is available to download for US$0.45 only.

Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome is a top notch infinite twin-stick top-down shooter game packed with endless explosions, destructible environment, limitless bullets, and rich AI behaviour. Select the character, head to the elevator, and take down the Overseer. Watch out for playtime though because this game is super addictive. It has a high frame rate which means it performs better on advanced phones. Purchase Neon Chrome for US$9.99.

Battle of Painters

Battle of Painters is the pioneer in an online drawing contest. The first round kicks off with a fixed theme and lasts for five minutes. Tools include pencil, spray, square and circle shapes, eraser, line, bomb, undo, and redo tools. Judging is by voting. Battle of Painters is downloadable for US$1.69 only.

Adobe Scan

Transform a smartphone or tablet into a portable scanner using Adobe Scan. It uses an optical character recognition software to automatically detect texts. Convert scanned receipts, business cards, photos, notes, whiteboards, and documents into a PDF format. Users also have the ability to enhance scans accordingly. Adobe Scan is free to download.