List of must-watch horror movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are a storehouse of shows and movies. Read on to find a list of horror movies available on these platforms

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Not all horror movies that are made are scary, but there are a few movies that give you the chills instantly. Here's a list of some horror movies that are available on online streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu.

Amazon Prime

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place. A Quiet Place/ Instagram
  1. A Quiet Place
    This horror movie is based on an alien invasion. The movie showcases the struggles a family has to go through in order to survive amidst the noise-sensitive creatures. The family uses sign language to communicate with each other.
  2. Black Christmas
    The movie shows how a group of girls get calls from some anonymous person during Christmas vacations. The film gets interesting when each of them goes missing after these calls.
  3. Hereditary
    This is a perfect definition of classic horror film that has twists you won't expect while watching it. The movie has some disturbing death sequences that will give you the creeps.


The Witch
A scene from 'The Witch' The Witch Trailer/ Youtube Grab
  1. Carrie
    An adaptation of Stephen King's bestseller this movie is a must-watch. It has a young girl who possesses psychic powers and the story unfolds in the most spooky way you can expect.
  2. Creep
    A story about a videographer who visits a strangers house to make a film for his child who is yet to be born. The movie gets twisted when this client has many bizarre requests that are thrown at the videographer.
  3. The Witch
    Set in the 17th century this movie goes back to the time and the inception of religion in America. A small family move to the wilds mainly to pursue some beliefs that are conservative when weird incidents begin to take place.


A scene from Hellraiser Hellraiser Trailer/ Youtube Grab
  1. Hellraiser
    Enveloped with gory scenes and some powerful characters, the movie stars Sean Chapman who happens to buy and solve this mysterious puzzle box that leads him to another dimension that has mysterious beings residing in it.
  2. The Orphanage
    Laura who has grown up in an orphanage gets married and has a son. She decides to return and convert the same orphanage into a home for sick children when her son goes missing.
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