List of 160 species declared extinct this decade; What's behind this alarming rate?

Here are the reasons behind the extinction of earth's species which includes climate change as well as human predation

Earth is home to thousands of species, including humans and animals. According to scientists, almost 1.3 million species, representing about 20% of the total species, live on this planet. But recent reports claim that species are going extinct 1,000 times faster than they should be and almost dozens go extinct each day.

It should be noted that the victims aren't made from stories about big, rare zoo attractions as most of them are likely invertebrates, plants and other beings that people usually do not think much about. While IUCN's Red List names a thousand extinct or extinct-in-the-wild species, a paper, "Mass extinction in poorly known taxa" estimated that seven percent of the known extant species might be extinct if you include estimates of invertebrate extinctions.

Causes of extinction

Pinta Tortoise
Pinta Tortoise Wikimedia commons

As per some scientists, there are five major causes behind animal extinction, which include habitat loss, an introduced species, pollution, population growth, and over-consumption. If you remember that almost 65 million years ago an asteroid impact caused the extinction of the giant species of the earth, dinosaurs.

Climate change

Now, climate change poses a constant danger to terrestrial animals. According to WWF, the planet is warming faster than at any time in the past 10,000 years and the animals are suffering to adapt to new climate patterns. Scientists claimed estimated that "Most species on this planet (including plants) will have to "move" faster than 1,000 meters per year if they are to keep within the climate zone which they need for survival. Many species will not be able to redistribute themselves fast enough to keep up with the coming changes."

However, other causes behind the extinction include lack of food, human predation, lack of genetic diversity and loss of habitats.

Species declared extinct in the past decade

Here we have compiled a list of species that went extinct according to IUCN data in the past decade but this list doesn't include those which are still around but declared extinct in the wild.

Acalypha dikuluwensis (Acalypha dikuluwensis)Acalypha wilderi (Acalypha wilderi)Acrocephalus luscinius (Guam reed-warbler)Acrocephalus musae (Forster's reed-warbler)
Acrocephalus nijoi (Aguijan reed-warbler)Acrocephalus yamashinae (Pagan reed-warbler)Acrocephalus nijoi (Aguijan reed-warbler)Acrocephalus yamashinae (Pagan reed-warbler)
Aegolius gradyi (Bermuda saw-whet owl)Akialoa ellisiana (Oahu 'akialoa)Akialoa lanaiensis (Lana'i 'akiaola)Akialoa stejnegeri (Kaua'i 'akiaola)
Alburnus nicaeensis (İznik shemaya)Alectroenas payandeei (Rodrigues blue-pigeon)Alinea luciae (St. Lucia skink)Amaranthus brownii (Amaranthus brownii)
Anabarilius macrolepis (Anabarilius macrolepis)Angraecopsis dolabriformis (Angraecopsis dolabriformis)Angraecum astroarche (Angraecum astroarche)Aphanius splendens (Gölçük killifish)
Aplonis ulietensis (Raiatea starling)Atherinella callida (Cunning silversid)Basananthe cupricola (Basananthe cupricola)Bermuteo avivorus (Bermuda hawk)
Bettongia anhydra (Desert bettong)Bradycellus chavesi (São Miguel ground-beetle)Bythinella gibbosa (Bythinella gibbosa)Bythinella limnopsis (Bythinella limnopsis)
Bythinella mauritanica (Bythinella mauritanica)Bythinella microcochlia (Bythinella microcochlia)Bythinella punica (Bythinella punica)Calathus extensicollis (Pico ground beetle)
Calathus vicenteorum (Santa Maria ground beetle)Cambarellus alvarezi (Cambarellus alvarezi)Cambarellus chihuahuae (Chihuahuan dwarf crayfish)Centaurea pseudoleucolepis (Centaurea pseudoleucolepis)
Centrobunus braueri (Centrobunus braueri)Chambardia letourneuxi (Chambardia letourneuxi)Chelonoidis abingdonii (Pinta Island tortoise)Chenonetta finschi (Finsch's duck)
Clelia errabunda (Underwood's mussurana)Coenocorypha barrierensis (North Island snipe)Coenocorypha iredalei (South Island snipe)Colaptes oceanicus (Bermuda flicker)
Columba thiriouxi (Mauritius woodpigeon)Conilurus capricornensis (Capricorn rabbit-rat)Contomastix charrua (Contomastix charrua)Copeoglossum redondae (Redonda skink)
Cyanea eleeleensis (Cyanea eleeleensis)Cyanea linearifolia (Cyanea linearifolia)Cyanea mauiensis (Maui cyanea)Cyanea minutiflora (Cyanea minutiflora)
Cyanea parvifolia (Waioli Valley rollandia)Cyanea sessilifolia (Cyanea sessilifolia)Cyclura onchiopsis (Navassa Rhinocerous iguana)Cyperus rockii (Kaua'i flatsedge)
Cyprinodon arcuatus (Santa Cruz pupfish)Cyrtandra olona (Cyrtandra olona)Delissea subcordata (Oha)Delissea undulata (Undulata delissea)
Dicrogonatus gardineri (Gardiner's giant mite)Dryolimnas augusti (Reunion rail)Dusicyon avus (Dusicyon avus)Eclectus infectus (Oceanic parrot)
Emoia nativitatis (Christmas Island whiptail-skink)Erythrolamprus perfuscus (Barbados racer)Eucarlia alluaudi (Eucarlia alluaudi)Eulophia stenopetala (Eulophia stenopetala)
Euphrasia mendoncae (Euphrasia mendoncae)Fissidens microstictus (Fissidens microstictus)Foudia delloni (Reunion fody)Galba vancouverensis (Galba vancouverensis)
Geonemertes rodericana (Geonemertes rodericana)Germainaia geayi (Germainaia geayi)Habenaria petromedusa (Habenaria petromedusa)Heleobia spinellii (Heleobia spinellii)
Heliotropium pannifolium (St. Helena heliotrope)Hemignathus lucidus (Oahu nukupu'u)Hibiscadelphus woodii (Wood's hau kuahiwi)Himatione fraithii (Laysan honeycreeper)
Hirstienus nanus (Hirstienus nanus)Islamia ateni (Islamia ateni)Labeo worthingtoni (Labeo worthingtoni)Labidura herculeana (St. Helena giant earwig)
Leiocephalus cuneus (Leiocephalus cuneus)Leiolopisma ceciliae (Réunion giant skink)Leiorhagium solemi (Leiorhagium solemi)Lepidium amissum (Waitakere scurvy grass)
Lepidium obtusatum (Lepidium obtusatum)Leporillus apicalis (Lesser stick-nest rat)Logania depressa (Logania depressa)Loxops wolstenholmei (O'ahu 'akepa)
Macrobrachium leptodactylus (Macrobrachium leptodactylus)Margatteoidea amoena (Margatteoidea amoena)Megupsilon aporus (Catarina pupfish)Melanoplus spretus (Rocky mountain locust)
Melicope macropus (Kaholuamanu melicope)Melicope nealae (Melicope nealae)Melomys rubicola (Bramble Cay melomys)Mercuria letourneuxiana (Mercuria letourneuxiana)
Metazalmoxis ferruginea (Metazalmoxis ferruginea)Miconia abscondita (Miconia abscondita)Myosotis laingii (Waiautoa forget-me-not)Nactus soniae (Réunion nactus)
Neocnemis occidentalis (Sta Maria weevil)Neoplanorbis tantillus (Little flat-top snail)Nesoenas cicur (Mauritius turtle-dove)Nobregaea latinervis (Nobregaea latinervis)
Notomys robustus (broad-cheeked hopping mouse)Noturus trautmani (Scioto madtom)Nyctanassa carcinocatactes (Bermuda night heron)Ornithogalum visianicum (Visiani's star of Bethlehem)
Orthomorpha crinita (Orthomorpha crinita)Pacifastacus nigrescens (sooty crayfish)Pennatomys nivalis (Nevis rice rat)Peromona erinacea (Peromona erinacea)
Pipilo naufragus (Bermuda towhee)Pipistrellus murrayi (Christmas island pipistrelle)Platytropius siamensis (Siamese flat-barbelled catfish)Plectostoma sciaphilum (Plectostoma sciaphilum)
Pleorotus braueri (Pleorotus braueri)Pleurobema perovatum (Ovate clubsnail)Porphyrio paepae (Marquesan swamphen)Procambarus angustatus (Sandhillls crayfish)
Prosobonia cancellata (Christmas sandpiper)Pseudamnicola barratei (Pseudamnicola desertorum)Pseudamnicola desertorum (Pseudamnicola desertorum)Pseudamnicola doumeti (Pseudamnicola doumeti)
Pseudamnicola globulina (Pseudamnicola globulina)Pseudamnicola latasteana (Pseudamnicola latasteana)Pseudamnicola oudrefica (Pseudamnicola oudrefica)Pseudamnicola ragia (Pseudamnicola ragia)
Pseudamnicola singularis (Pseudamnicola singularis)Pseudomys auritus (Long-eared mouse)Pseudophoxinus handlirschi (Egirdir minnow)Pyrocephalus dubius (San Cristobal flycatcher)
Sanicula kauaiensis (Kaua'i blacksnakeroot)Scelotes guentheri (Günther's Dwarf Burrowing Skink)Schiedea amplexicaulis (Ma'oli'oli)Sitalcicus gardineri (Sitalcicus gardineri)
Spirobolellus praslinus (Spirobolellus praslinus)Stachytarpheta fallax (Stachytarpheta fallax)Stagnicola pilsbryi (Fish springs marsh snail)Stellaria elatinoides (Stellaria elatinoides)
Stipax triangulifer (Stipax triangulifer)Sus bucculentus (Indo-chinese warty pig)Tachybaptus rufolavatus (Alaotra grebe)Thomasettia seychellana (Thomasettia seychellana)
Tokea orthostichon (Schmarda's worm)Tribonyx hodgenorum (Hodgen's Waterhen)Trilepidea adamsii (Adams mistletoe)Tristramella sacra (Long Jaw Tristramella)
Unio madagascariensis (Unio madagascariensis)Unio malgachensis (Unio malgachensis)Viola cryana (Pensée de Cry)Vitrea storchi (Vitrea storchi)
Wikstroemia hanalei (lavafield false ohelo)Zonites santoriniensis (Zonites santoriniensis)Zonites siphnicus (Zonites siphnicus)Zosterops conspicillatus (Bridled white-eye)
Zosterops semiflavus (Marianne white-eye)