Lisa Hocker's Journey To Becoming A Bestselling Author

Lisa Hocker

Lisa Hocker spent her childhood in New York, where her parents brought her up with a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the value of time and money. She was always a motivated fellow who had a habit to follow a routine so that she could achieve her goals.

As Lisa practiced law for 21 years, she excelled in it. While in the field, she served as a prosecutor for five and a half years, and then as a public defender and private criminal defense attorney for the remaining fifteen and a half years. Her experiences and a long record of winning jury trials helped her gain a lot of confidence.

When Lisa first encountered the world of network marketing it overwhelmed her. She suspected that multilevel marketing (MLM) was a scam and hesitated to join in. However, she soon discovered that it was not only a great area for learning but the business also has the potential to provide unlimited income. As Lisa was a working mother, she had to maintain a work-life balance. While she worked full time in court, she also had to look after her four children who studied at three different schools. Despite having a lot on her plate, Lisa managed to develop a way to work her side hustle by performing only those actions that would result in either someone purchasing her product or joining her team.

Within the first 6-8 months, she had refined her daily methods of operation. As she has always held the position of one of the top recruiters and as someone who sells the most products, people started getting curious about what she was doing. Eventually, Lisa decided to train people. While she trained many people who were on her team she also trained those who were on sideline teams despite the fact that it didn't impact her income.

Lisa's commitment and determination enabled her to build a team of over 750 people in 4 countries within 4 years. And she is still growing and expanding. Eventually, she ended up compiling her ideas into a book called "Direct AF Sales", which hit the Amazon bestseller. As Lisa quotes, her book is "A daily system for entrepreneurs who want to dominate in the network marketing profession". Along with her book, she also created a unique "dice" for entrepreneurs or anyone who was looking for an efficient system to execute daily routines. Lisa intended to create a fun product for people while giving them specific actionable steps to follow every day. Thus, she put her five daily step method on five sides of the dice, and on the remaining seven sides she put other income producing activities. Even though there are many books and coaches in the market who claim to teach network marketing, there is nothing like Lisa's dice!