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Kenya's 'moral policeman' Ezekiel Mutua has stated that the two male lions photographed together in Africa must have been inspired by homosexual couples, leading to their 'bizarre' behaviour.

A couple of male lions were spotted a few days back in Masai Mara game reserve in south-west Africa. After a wildlife photographer shared pictures of the two alpha males engaging in love-making and cuddling, people gave different opinions on the unusual behaviour of the kings of the jungle.

Now, the chief executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board, Mutua, has expressed his opinion on the matter. According to him, the lions had seen a human homosexual encounter which had inspired them to execute it in the animal kingdom. He believes that there can be no other explanation as lions do not watch TV or movies.

Mutua suggested that the lions should be taken to therapy for their "bad" behaviour and given counselling, if that is at all possible. He also stated that there could be another possible cause of the behaviour which he considers unnatural and offensive.

Kenya's moral policeman believes that homosexuality is not a natural trait but is caused by wrong influence or evil forces. It expresses that it is possible for the lions to be possessed by the same evil spirit that induces gay behaviour in human beings. "The demonic spirits inflicting in humans seems to have now caught up with animals," says he.

Another confusion in his mind is regarding the gender of the lions. He is sceptical that both the lions were male, though the photographs clearly indicate so. "We do not regulate animals, but this is a first and interesting to hear that there are two male lions in love. Some research needs to be done. And also I wish I can get the bio to confirm the two lions were actually male, because it is not normal," he told the Nairobi News.

Mutua has often grabbed the limelight for his controversial views on the LGBT community. He has also banned movies and cartoons with pro-gay sentiments as he believes that such relationships should never be glorified.

On the other hand, biologists claim that homosexual relationships have been seen in 1500 species of animals, among which 450 cases are reliably proved. Although gay lions are rare, it has been heard of before and is more common in male ones.