Lindsay Pearlman: 'Suicide Powder' in Focus as Noted Hollywood Soap Opera Actress Dies

The mystery behind the death of noted actress Lindsey Pearlman has finally been unveiled as it has been listed as a case of "suicide".

Los Angeles County Coroner's office has confirmed that "sodium nitrite toxicity" in Pearlman's body led to her death.

Sodium Nitrite is a chemical compound which is being used by people to take their own lives. It has been tagged as "the suicide powder". The presence of non-toxic levels of lorazepam, metoclopramide, and codeine" were also found in Pearlman's system.

The reports have evoked an emotional outburst from her fans as they feel that her family and friends should have read into the "troubles" that she was facing.

Lindsay Pearlman

Was Lindsey Pearlman in Depression?

A faction of social media followers also stated that Pearlman must have been grappling with depression as is evident from her suicide.

However, some of her fans are still not ready to accept that she committed suicide and have demanded a detailed enquiry in the case. It has been learnt that Pearlman had left suicide notes at her home as well as in the car but surprisingly the content of the same has not been revealed.

Pearlman, 43, was known for her roles in "General Hospital," "Empire," and "Chicago Justice,". She was found dead in her vehicle by Los Angles police near Ruyon Canyon Park on February 18. However, despite the post-mortem, the cause of her death remained unresolved.

A report published by Fox News stated that the Hollywood soap opera actress's family had been looking for her since Feb. 13, and she was reported missing when she failed to return home. After five days, the police recovered her body and Pearlman's husband, Vance Smith, confirmed her death on Instagram, saying, "The police found Lindsey. She's gone. I'm broken."

Trying to remember the actress's role in a soap opera, a Twitter user wrote, 'General Hospital' Actress Lindsey Pearlman's Cause of Death Revealed. What character on GH did she play?"

Another user shared, "Her body was found on Feb. 18 inside of a vehicle near Runyon Canyon Park in Hollywood. The coroner's office did not release any details on her cause of death at the time."