Lindsay Lohan talks about Islam on Arab TV show Swar Shoaib

Lohan shared her experience with the religion and how her beliefs have changed.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is dating heir of Moscow's multi millionaire. Reuters

American actress Lindsay Lohan talked about Islam when she recently appeared on an Arab TV show. The 30-year-old actress who allegedly converted to Islam made an appearance on Swar Shoaib.

Speculations that she has converted to Islam started last year when was spotted holding a copy of the Holy Quran in New York City. Adding on, she was even reported of volunteering at a refugee camp in Turkey, wearing a headscarf.

During the show, the Mean Girls actress shared her experience with the religion and how her beliefs have changed. She revealed that the people in America did not like the viral image, and added that the people judged her and considered her unworthy to hold the religious book.

The show's host Shoaib Rashid tried to make Lohan comfortable and said that if "she cannot get the grape, then it is sour. This phrase refers to the actress haters, who could not understand her personal change of views," Yibada reported.

According to Daily Times, she told Rashid that during Ramadan, she fasted for three days along with her friend, who is from Kuwait. She also added that she started praying in the Muslim way and she began reading 15 pages of the Holy Quran in English.

The actress also said that she is also practicing and trying to write the verses in Arabic. She also revealed that she listens to the Quran on her phone via an app and the holy words make her feel calm, according to News Pakistan.

The actress neither denied nor confirmed that she converted to Islam. She concluded the interview by stating that she wants to understand the religion more.

This article was first published on February 17, 2017