Lim Chang Jung draws flak for his second marriage with girl 18 years his junior

However, Lim Chang divorcing his ex-wife with whom he had three kids and then marrying an 18-year junior have not gone well with the netizens.

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Lim Chang Jung
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Singer-Actor Lim Chang Jung married his pregnant girlfriend, a yoga instructor, who is 18 years his junior, at Gangnam on Jan 6. The couple is expecting their child in mid-May. The duo first met in 2015 while filming a music video for his 13th title song, "The Love That I Committed" and love is said to have blossomed ever since their first meeting.

The star guests at the singer's wedding included Oh Ji Ho, Byun Jung Soo, boy group U-KISS and girl group LABOUM, along with veteran groups such as DJ DOC and Leessang. The congratulatory song was sung by Yoo Hee Kwan of the Doosan Bears, and singers K.Will and Wheesung.

Describing the grand wedding, AllKPop narrated: "Once the ceremony was over, the couple marched hand in hand down the aisle. Then facing each other, the couple kissed in front of their guests. The guests congratulated the newlyweds by shouting, "Live happily together," "Be happy," and captured the lovely moment on their cell phones."

Lim's buddies Kim Chang Ryul congratulated the couple by posting a picture of their beautiful moment on his Instagram account. He also wrote, "Pretty. Beautiful. Live well. Be happy. Don't be sick. Walk on flower-strewn paths. Please leave congratulatory messages for the lovely couple."

Lim Chang divorcing his ex-wife with whom he had three kids. Marrying an 18-year junior has not gone well with the netizens. As they claim that this is South Korea, not Hollywood. The Korean society is known for keeping its traditional values despite reaching heights in terms of modernisation and technological advancements.

Some of the comments posted by Netizens, as quoted by AllKPop, reads, "If I were the bride's mom, I'd be so upset.. She's turned into a mother of 4 right after marriage", "Ew... TT They look like uncle and niece..", "They're ripping the hearts of the bride's parents. She has become a mother of 3 + a baby on the way... She's entering the gates of hell", "She looks like his daughter..", and more.

They say 'Love is Blind' and 'True Love Triumphs over all Obstacles.' What do you think of Lim Chang Jung? Comment your opinion?

This article was first published on January 7, 2017