Light show, celebrations after Coronavirus lockdown ends in China's Wuhan

Wuhan lifted its 11 week-long lockdown, it was celebrated with a light show in the city, midnight on Wednesday

The epicentre of the first coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan got lifted of its 11 week-long lockdown. This feat was celebrated with a light show in the city, midnight on Wednesday

The light show was seen along the sides of Yangtze River, while skyscrapers and bridges showed animations of patients being helped by medical workers. The title given by President Xi Jinping, "heroic city" was also displayed, reported Time. The celebrations had its citizens waving flags while they echoed "Wuhan, let's go!" and sang China's national anthem.

The coronavirus lockdown began on January 23, making it 76 days until the celebrations of ending the lockdown. Wuhan witnessed more than 50,000 COVID-19 cases with more than 2,500 deaths. The whole of China has confirmed a little more than 82,780 coronavirus cases, out of which, about 77,537 have already been recovered.

Travelling allowed

Wuhan lifts lockdown
Light show after lockdown lifted in Wuhan Youtube Screengrab

Travelling was allowed on Wednesday, given that they are confirmed with good health and have not been in contact with those infected with coronavirus, this was done by a smartphone app which tracked details of individuals. An estimated 50,000+ people would leave the city by flight and rail on Wednesday. Traffic smoothly rose as the lockdown was lifted.

This comes at a time when there is ambiguity expressed globally, over credibility China's COVID-19 numbers. The lockdown lift might favour China's reports.

Not a final victory

Wuhan's light show after lockdown lift
Wuhan's light show after lockdown lift Youtube Screengrab

The editorial of China's People's Daily said that the development was not to be considered a final victory, as reported. "At this moment, we still need to remind ourselves that as Wuhan is unblocked, we can be pleased, but we must not relax," said the daily that is the Communist Party's mouthpiece.

'Mission one' is to see to that, the epidemic doesn't resurge, said the Communist Party's Secretary Wang Zhonglin, who is Wuhan's highest-ranking official. The city is home to many industries, has $2.8 billion as preferential loans, the city government told measures are initiated to restart the industries.

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