Life Lessons Steven Kelly Learned From Serving 18 Years In The British Army

Steven Kelly

Wondering how life in the British Army is?

Fascinated with stories of British soldiers serving worldwide, and wonder how the service impacted their lives?

Serving in the Army, as you know, is way different from the conventional meaning of a job. Soldiers go through a lot of things, and it affects their mindset and life in a big way.

In this article, we get to know about this first hand from a soldier serving in the British Army.

We share the life lessons that Steven Kelly has learned and acquired after serving 18 Years in the British Army. He has seen a lot and experienced life-changing events for which he says he cannot thank the Army enough.

Who is Steven Kelly?

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery. He has trained and instructed weapons, Survival and Bushcraft skills in the British Army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, Sierra Leone, and numerous other countries.

He has experienced the natural environments in all these countries and trained soldiers to survive and thrive in these environments. Facing challenges and looking for new solutions has been part of his job during all these years.

All this has helped him learn various life lessons, which have helped him progress in life.

Without any further ado, let's talk about them.

Team Work

The Army can teach you more about Unity and Teamwork than any other job in the world. Steven got to work in teams and experience the benefits of working together.

There is no "one person approach" in the Army, especially when you are in the wild and learning Bushcraft skills.

Survival and Bushcraft skills can present any type of challenge in the wilds, and collaborative efforts protect you from all these challenges.

Finding for alternative solutions - Problem-solving approach

Life and situations in the Army can get pretty uncertain at any point.

This is especially true in the wild!

Steven has experienced a lot of such situations while teaching Bushcraft skills in various countries. These situations force you to look for alternative solutions and solve the problem at hand.

This builds a "Never say Never" attitude in life. Steven experienced this change and believes that he is now accustomed to finding solutions to all the problems that he faces in his life.


Discipline is one of the biggest Lessons Steven has learned from the Army. The Army teaches you everything about being Disciplined with everything you do in your life.

Living a life of Discipline is like living a royal life.

Following a schedule in the things you do, the time you sleep, the amount of time you give for work, the clothes you wear, etc., can transform your life completely in a positive way.

Being on time for specific tasks alone has helped Steven achieve success in numerous things, including his Bushcraft Training company Southwest Survival and his experience working with ARRIX!

Proper Clothing

The way you present yourself will definitely affect the way you are treated in the world.

The Army has helped Steven experience the benefits of dressing appropriately and professionally in all areas of life.

Confidence and Optimism

There is a lot more to life than what we think!

Optimism is a man-made concept, and remaining happy is basically changing your mindset towards the situation you are in.

Being confident and Optimistic in life will help you conquer all the big challenges you face in life.


Steven learned innumerable lessons in the Army, and the experience continues to help him live a fruitful and fulfilling life!

These are just the Top Life skills that he has acquired, and there is a lot more that you get to experience in the Army and practising Bushcraft Skills.

To know more about Steven Kelly and South West Survival, head straight to and get to learn everything about survival and Bushcraft skills.