Libya: To counter Egypt in Sirte, Turkey deploys Submarines to Mediterranean Sea [VIDEO]

  • Is Turkey getting ready for a face-off with Egypt over Libya?

  • Egypt has been sending reinforcements to Russia-backed forces, while Turkey is preparing to take over Sirte

There has been an increase in chatter on social media after reports indicated that at least four Turkish submarines have left their base and have been stationed at the Mediterranean.

Reports indicate that there is a possibility of a showdown between Egypt and Turkey. Turkey reportedly is planning a large scale operation that will see the involvement of its Navy and the Air Force.

Turkish submarines

First reports on the movement of Turkish submarines emerged on June 8, after reports claimed that Turkish Navy's Preveze Class Type 209 submarines from Bartin were spotted transiting Bosphorus Strait south. This report was soon followed by updates that claimed that at least four submarines have left the base in Turkey and have moved towards the Mediterranean sea.

These sightings have come at a time when Turkey has begun investing in consolidating its position in Libya where it is building a massive air force, its first in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Libya map

Why are Turkish Submarines in the Mediterranean Sea?

It appears that Turkey is aimed at building a formidable resistance to Egypt under President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The Middle East conflict experts are of the view that Turkey decided to move its submarines after news of a possible Egyptian intervention in Libya.

According to an assessment by the International Security and Conflict Research, Turkey moved its submarines to the coast of Libya after it appeared that Egypt was sending massive military hardware to the Russia-backed LNA forces under Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter.

The submarines ultimately are aimed to block Egypt while ensuring that the Turkish-backed GNA forces that are supported by UN will be in a stronger position to capture the strategically important harbour port city of Sirte from Russian-backed LNA, ISCR claimed.

Turkey Air Force in Libya

In the last few months, Turkey has been able to establish itself a strong ally of Libya and has literally become the actual ruler of Libya.

Turkish drones and hired hands have put the UN-supported GNA in a stronger position, while the forces under Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter backed by Russia have been stung by a series of defeats that have cost the Russian not only loss of territory but also loss of costly weaponry that now has been captured by the GNA forces.

Turkey reportedly now signed a military agreement with Libya that will allow Ankara to build its own airbase in Al Watiya that will give Ankara control of almost all the western coastal and semi-coastal belt.