Is Lia Thomas Attracted To Women? Why Didn't Swimmer Change 'Body Parts'? Questions on Social Media After Riley Gains Criticism

The ongoing controversy over Lia Thomas competing with female athletes has thickened manifold with swimmer Riley Gaines referring to the "different parts" of the transgender contestant.

Gaines commented that female swimmers were extremely uncomfortable because Lia Thomas has body parts of a male, creating a furor on social media.

A group of followers expressed doubt over Thomas's integrity asking her if she's attracted to women. They question the swimmer as to why she just changed her swimsuit and not her body parts.

On the other hand, a faction of LGBTQ community has extended support to Lia Thomas adding that she has done everything as per the law and that people should stop criticizing her.

Riley Gaines
Lia Thomas

Lia Thomas has Set Up a Wrong Precedent

A report published by WorldTimeTodays stated that Gaines appeared on Wednesday's episode of "Tucker Carlson Today," in which she detailed her experience competing against a biological male who had changed.

"So not only were we forced to compete against a man, we had to change with one in the dressing room," Gaines told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The report further added Gaines' comment that read, "That's something we weren't warned about, which I don't think is right in any way, to change in a dressing room with someone who has different parts."

There is a widespread resentment among the athletes in US as they feel Lia Thomas has set up a wrong precedent which is not good for the future of sports.

A Twitter user shared his opinion adding, "Riley Gaines, a University of Kentucky swimmer reveals her 'extreme discomfort' having to change alongside biologically born male Thomas! #SaveWomensSports #RileyGaines #Transgender #UniversityofKentucky #Trans #WillThomas #LiaThomas."

Another user wrote, "Thank u for speaking out. I have known 3 transgender women who were males. I am glad you spoke out but the rest of the girls need to boycott Lia."

A tweet read, "Whenever you use "trans" as a prefix, that doesn't change anything about what that thing is. If I say I'm a transdolphin, does that mean that I have fins and live in the ocean? No that's just me not accepting reality and living in a fantasy world."

"I would have blown a gasket if I had to deal with the bs you did. Good job on not. A dude is a dude is a dude until ALL hormones and muscle development is similar to a female. NCAA wake up. So unfair to the other ACTUAL WOMEN competing. Easy to see why Thomas won. Still a dude," read another tweet.