LGBTQ Community Slams Mandatory Biological Sex Affidavit for Players Competing in Oklahoma School and College Sports

Biological Sex Affidavit is now mandatory for players competing in sports events organized at public elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges in Oklahoma.

The news has not gone down well with the LGBTQ community as a large number of activists have flooded the social media platforms with messages criticizing the same. They have accused the Oklahoma government of having violated the fundamental right to "equality".

As defined by the law, an case the student is less than 18 years, the parent or legal guardian can complete the affidavit and students above 18 have to sign the affidavit themselves. A new affidavit has to be submitted ahead of every school year.

Oklahoma State

Oklahoma Government is "Anti LGBTQ" : Social Media

NBC News in a report published Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill in March that bans transgender student athletes in public elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges from competing on the sports teams of their gender identity as opposed to their sex assigned at birth.

Oklahoma is one of the 18 states that have enacted similar measures wherein the institutions designate sports teams by sex assigned at birth as determined by the student's birth certificate issued at or near the time of their birth.

A faction of social media followers referred to the transgender swimmer Lia Thomas' controversy adding that Oklahoma Government has come up with the laws as an extension of their "anti LGBTQ" agenda.

A Twitter user wrote, "Oh, I promise Oklahoma looks really bad. Did you have to complete a biological sex affidavit as part of your employment file for the Governor's office?"

Another user expressed his resentment against the law adding, "In Oklahoma parents will now have to sign an affidavit stating their child's biological sex at birth if they want to play sports. This is a civil rights violation."

"Kids in...Oklahoma?...are now required to send in an affidavit of biological sex to join girls' sports. Really?! The gender policing is getting out of hand; I read a tweet by a parent whose girl was deemed trans because she wasn't feminine they made her..." read a tweet.