LG helps India fight malaria and dengue with mosquito-repelling TVs

LG Electronics debuts sales of mosquito-repelling TVs in India to prevent outbreak of deadly diseases like malaria, Zika and dengue.

LG Electronics (India) has started selling TVs with Mosquito Away Technology, which is designed to repel mosquitoes that can spread deadly diseases such as malaria, Zika and dengue. The new mosquito-repelling technology employs ultrasonic waves that cause mosquitoes to fly away despite being inaudible to humans, according to the company's recent statement.

The launch of LG's revolutionary mosquito-repelling TVs happened on 16 June and the first batch of these TVs was sold at an electronic shop in Delhi.

According to Reuters, the company started developing this technology ahead of the Zika virus outbreak in Latin America, which has raised concerns over safety at the Olympic Games expected to kick-off in August in Rio de Janeiro.

The report adds that the same technology was earlier used in LG manufactured air conditioners and washing machines, after it received the quality-check certification by an independent laboratory near Chennai, India.

Philippines and Sri Lanka are also expected to receive LG's new mosquito-repelling TVs sometime in July. It is ascertained that such a revolutionary TV technology is aimed at lower-income group living in slums and unsanitary conditions that are susceptible to mosquito-breeding grounds.

The best part is that the mosquito-repelling technology is said to work even when the TV is switched off and thereby making it a safe alternative to mosquito-repellent drugs.

LG has released the new mosquito-repelling TVs in two models costing Rs. 26,500 (US$394) and Rs. 47,500 (US$706).