LG G6 Mini with 5.4in display spotted in leaked images

LG could be prepping the launch of G6 mini as fresh images of the phone leak online.

LG G6 Mini
LG G6 Mini with 5.4in display spotted in leaked images

Freshly leaked images of the G6 mini variant have surfaced online, suggesting that LG is working on a smaller version of its flagship phone with 5.4in display. The mini variant is expected to maintain a screen-to-body ratio under 80% while incorporating an 18:9 screen aspect ratio found in the G6, according to the leaked report.

Although the idea of launching two versions of a flagship phone sounds intriguing, it is still unclear if the mini variant will just be a downscaled version or carry the same power-packed hardware configuration of the G6.

If the G6 mini comes with a downscaled configuration, LG is likely to market it in the affordable or budget category unlike the premium flagship model. On the contrary, if the G6 mini borrows exact same features of the G6 then it would cost almost the same as the flagship model.

The leak seems quite reliable as it comes from TechnoBuffalo, who secured an internal document pertaining to LG through a trusted source. However, LG is yet to comment or react on the ensuing rumours about a probable launch of its G6 mini soon.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]