Leveraging social media and how, enter FloridaYum, a digital marketing agency and the vision of passionate professionals


Today, it won't be wrong to say that everything revolves around digital mediums. The digital wave in the past few years has changed the growth trends and success levels of a myriad of sectors and niches around the world for the positive. It is amazing to notice these changes and developments as they are mainly caused by the immaculate visions and ideas of young professionals, who bring in newness in business models and leverage the power of social media in the digital space to attract more growth and glory for the people and brands they cater to. The same has been done by FloridaYum (https://www.floridayum.com/), a one-of-a-kind digital marketing agency with a one-of-a-kind vision to bring immense limelight, exposure, attention, and recognition for the State of Florida.

The founders of FloridaYum are high-performing professionals and food lovers who noticed how the volatility in several industries and the economic factors led many establishments to shut shops. Hence, these passionate beings decided to step forward and create an agency like FloridaYum to help businesses continue thriving and attract higher customer volume. Through FloridaYum, they bring local customers from the area who seek avenues for entertainment and, as a team, are dedicated to community improvement and spreading happiness.

The team at FloridaYum is indeed pushing forward the State of Florida through winning digital marketing strategies and campaigns as a full-service digital marketing agency for businesses looking to grow. FloridaYum's targeted social media campaigns, effective email and SMS marketing, and data-driven ads, combined with strategy development, engagement & production, produce astounding results for brands and businesses in Florida.

The agency was only built in 2022 by three FAU students with $3 in their pockets, but their minds were filled with ideas worth millions, and that's what today has helped them make a difference with FloridaYum in the digital space. The team understands how constantly social media's application and use have been changing, and hence utilizing it as a tool has pushed forward entrepreneurship and marketing.

They are driven to help businesses grow and succeed in Florida, and with this genuine aim and goal, FloridaYum (@floridayum) has become a sought-after name in the digital world for all the right reasons.