Letter.is : An Email Service Specially Designed with Privacy in Mind!


Letter from Techno FAQ provides an email service provider for regular users and enterprises. It is privacy-friendly and highly secure. Letters are unique in their approach to providing a private and secure email service. Many big email providers promise secure and private emails, but Letter is not here to make promises but implement the principles. This allows for more privacy and security without sacrificing any of the leading email features.

Most popular email providers don't deliver privacy because they make money from your data. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft read your emails and then share them with third parties to gather data about your interests and needs and sell that data to data harvesters and advertisers. Many of them promise to keep your data private.

Letter's global email network

Techno FAQ's flagship service, Letter, has a global network to accelerate and secure email delivery. Relay locations are located in 15 countries around the globe. Letter relay spans across:

Paris, France
- Nuremberg (Germany)
Eygelshoven (Netherlands)
Sofia, Bulgaria
- Sandefjord, Norway
Moscow, Russia
- Buffalo, New York, United States
London, UK
Winnipeg, Canada
- Sao Paulo, Brazil
Johannesburg, South Africa
- Geylang, Singapore
- Osaka (Japan)
- Mumbai, India
Sydney, Australia

These relays allow users to send emails faster without having their domain blocked or the emails sent to the receiver's spam folder. Letter is comparable to large email providers or other email providers that only use one email server to send emails.

Privacy and security measures for letter email and its users!

Letter, on the other hand, cannot access your private data and emails even if they wish to. They explained that each mailbox user's email and contact data are encrypted separately using an EC-384 keypair created. The user's password is the passphrase to the private key.

Letter enforces many security measures to ensure your email experience is more private and secure. Their servers and relays have AES256 full disk encryption to protect against physical attacks and snooping. Any primary email provider does not offer this level of security.

Letter is not complete without its features.

Privacy email providers lack features. Letter was designed to protect the privacy and not compromise on cool features. Letter offers a better subscription model. Instead of being charged per mailbox, you only pay for the storage capacity. You can create as many mailboxes as you like. You can also upgrade your storage capacity after you subscribe to Letter.

Also, you can create unlimited email addresses to sign up on websites with which you dont trust. This way, Letter protects your privacy and keeps spammers and other scammers away from your original email.

You get many valuable features like CalDAV or CardDAV, alternative webmail clients and two-factor authentication on the control panel, webmail, hardware keys and fingerprint support, ActiveSync as an option, and clear documents. One significant feature that I don't know any other email provider offers is the Bitwarden password management subscription.

Lets Talk about the Letter enterprise email!

Letter offers enterprise customers solutions that offer high flexibility and dedicated support. Benefits include a dedicated email hosting service with backups and flexible pricing. This is ideal for unlimited email for digital marketing, customer relations, email support, and other uses.Cloud Drive, Office suite, and Rocket Chat with live chat, CRM, and Bitwarden are just a few of the additional features available for business users.

You can customize your enterprise subscription to suit your needs or choose the add-ons you require. You can add Enterprise VPN, extra storage, Managed Web Hosting Solutions, and Customer Support Agent whenever you need them. These add-ons promise to scale with your business, so it can grow and improve along with you.

Final words

Letter is a great email service that can be used by both regular users and enterprises. To ensure that customer emails are delivered faster and more securely, a global network of relays is used. Letter offers more features than most other email providers. It is affordable, simple and offers unlimited mailboxes per account. The support is excellent and thus, we highly recommend it!