Lessons to Learn From Dr. Mark X. Lowney's Professional Path

 Dr. Lowney

People have to make many important decisions during their lifetimes, but few have the far-reaching impact as one's choice of profession. Saying that people are what they do might be taking it too far for some, but for others, that kind of phrase might have a definite ring of truth. Especially if the profession in question is a calling, like being a doctor.

For Mark X. Lowney, an MD who has not one but two board certifications—one in obstetrics and gynecology, and one in cosmetic surgery—being a doctor is something that comes as naturally as breathing. It helps that he's good at it, too; Dr. Lowney's career reads like a list of firsts in the field.

However, being good at what one does might not be the only lesson to learn from Dr. Lowney's career. Here is a couple more people should know about.

Early Exposure Might Help With the Choice
During their most important formative years, people's main influences are their parents. It's not uncommon for people to repeat the behaviors they've learned from their parents well into their old age, even if they've only witnessed them as a child.

Parents' decisions to expose their kids to different things, such as music, nature, or physical activities, can also have an influence. So can their line of work. Dr. Lowney's parents were both healthcare professionals. His father was an orthodontist, and his mother a registered nurse. According to Dr. Lowney, he knew he wanted to be a doctor even as a child.

Following a Passion Matters
Here's the thing that everyone who has ever worked a job can attest to work isn't always fun. For some, it's never fun. For most, it's a mixed bag. For the incredibly lucky few, it's mostly fun but with an occasional difficult day.

On those tough days, when working is a drag, people will need something to get them through the day. Even if that weren't the issue, staying in the same career for the amount of time needed to become a world-class expert requires a special kind of endurance. For Dr. Lowney, the drive came from his desire to support women and couples as they bring new children into the world. There can hardly be better reasons for doing anything than that.

Branching Out Can Pay Off
In some situations, sticking to what one knows best is the safest and the best thing to do. There will be plenty of times in one's life when just sticking to one good thing will prove the most rewarding.

However, there might be merit to straying from the beaten path, in the professional sense. It doesn't have to be too big of a stray, as just choosing a complementary field to branch out can pay off tremendously. Dr. Lowney, for example, started as an OB/GYN but later moved into cosmetic surgery. Now, his calling has led him toward a sexual well-being practice, where he's helping people stay intimate as they age.

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