Leonid meteor shower: Where, how and when to watch it

The Leonid meteor shower would be prevalent throughout the month. The best time to look the meteor is during the early mornings of November 17, 18. Around 20 asteroids could be visible at any time in the sky.

Meteor shower
Representational picture of meteor shower Pixabay

Space watchers are in for another good time to see shooting stars as the Leonid meteor shower peaks during this November. November 17 and 18 would be the best time to watch the event, which will prevail throughout the month. Anyone who needs to see the showering meteors needs to find a calm open sky in an environment away from the city lights.

Asteroid watchers can see around 20 asteroids in a span of an hour in any part of the sky during the night, even though the best time to view them is during the early morning.

The Leonid Meteor appears to come from the Leo star constellation. It occurs when the Earth passes through the debris of the Temple-Tuttle comet, which orbits the sun in 33 years.

Meteors are small, icy particles which contain ammonia and other volatile gases which rotates the sun in an irregular manner. But they travel in their orbitals and rotates the sun at fixed intervals of time. The Leonid shower is one of the six important meteor showers which could be viewed this year.

Another meteor shower, the Taurid meteor, was also visible on the 10 and 11 of this month. It was popularly known as the northern Taurid meteor as they had better views from the Northern Hemisphere. They were visible from any part of earth except the South Pole.

Comet C/2017 01, which was discovered this July, could also be visible in the night in the Northeast sky all through the month.

There are many more important space events during this month. Read "the space events to watch this November", for more information.