Leonardo Glauso, italian fashion photographer

Leonardo Glauso

Leonardo Glauso is a photographer working in artistic nude and fashion photography. His style is lively, heated, and breathy. You can find his work in the pages of Vogue Italia, Schön! Magazine, S Magazine, Penthouse Australia, GQ, among others.

He's also released several books of his work, including a collection of his nudes and a recent collaboration with the model Cloe.

Glauso's ability to capture the heat and swirl of the moment gives his work a trademark sensuality. The lasting effect of his images has allowed him to travel Europe and collaborate with a wide array of models and fashion industry names.

The Life and Times

Glauso was born in 1989 in Florence, Italy where he spent his childhood. He went on to attend Libera Accademia delle Belle Arti, earning a degree in graphic design.

Later, he studied photography at Scuola Internazionale di Fotografia in Florence. This course led Glauso to the world of fashion and the artistic nude — an experience that drove him to pursue photography full time.

Seeking experience in fashion, Glauso moved to Milan in 2014. There, he worked as a fashion photographer for agencies and magazines. It was in this creative atmosphere that he founded Resuer Magazine, an international fashion magazine that highlights emerging photographers. He returned to Florence in 2017 and began focusing on the nude as his primary genre.

The Style

Given his biography, it is clear that Glauso is an Italian photographer, but his work is much more universal. His process involves a commitment to a cosmopolitan process. Glauso travels to capital cities throughout Europe for casting and shooting, enriching his narratives and broadening his influences.

Though he retains an Italian sense of couture from his days in Milan, his exploration of the body taps into a stripped down eroticism, something more ancient and primal.

This universality is handled within a thoroughly human-built setting, mostly interior spaces. His work is not so much urban as human. The retreats of the bed, hallway and bathroom are primary shooting spaces that create the confidential feeling his images produce.

Glauso often plays with seclusion, focusing on a single model in a confined space. The effect is private, seductive, intimate. Sifting through his photographs is like standing at the edge of a scandal or a broken promise — a delicate balance between lust and subtlety.

Glauso Today

Today, Glauso lives and works in his hometown of Florence. He is involved in a variety of projects, collaborations, and ventures in the fashion and nude photography scenes. His newest book "Collection. Leonardo Glauso" is recently available.

His work can be found online at his Instagram account, where you can also find information on his latest releases.