Leon Vartanian, The Amazon FBA Expert, Shares Ultimate Guide To Kickstarting The Top E-Commerce Business

Leon Vartanian

Learn how to build your e-commerce business from scratch from the top Amazon FBA expert, Leon Vartanian.

In February 2022, Amazon had 2 billion visitors, and these were not just window shoppers. They were regular customers. Isn't it mind-boggling? If you're wondering whether now is the right time to set up your Amazon storefront, the answer is yes. The e-commerce titan has flooded its sellers with opportunities. According to a survey, over 85% of Amazon's top sellers use its Amazon FBA program.

Amazon is now the primary source of e-commerce for most consumers who start their product research on Amazon. Apart from Amazon providing all services like logistics, warehousing, packing, and shipping, it makes it logical for sellers to list themselves as Amazon FBA sellers because it gives them a competitive advantage of being found more easily than non-FBA sellers. Another reason to become an Amazon FBA seller is that sellers must spend no money on marketing. Amazon gives its sellers tools to begin promoting their products. Sellers can easily scale their online e-commerce business with Amazon FBA using this and other tools & techniques.

Leon Vartanian, an Amazon FBA expert, has utilized Amazon's FBA program to scale his business and earn over seven figures. As the leading Amazon FBA coach, he has helped over 100 students launch online stores and generate revenue from Amazon. Today, he discusses the do's and don'ts of building an Amazon FBA business.

The Major Red Flag

Before diving into his 5-steps for setting up an Amazon FBA business, Leon shares a major red flag that every seller must avoid to become a successful seller. He explains that novice sellers are being taught a popular business model - online and retail arbitrage. It is the practice of acquiring products at a discount from retail merchants and online merchants to resell them on Amazon.

The Los-Angeles based entrepreneur says that retail arbitrage violates Amazon's terms of service. Recalling his early days, Leon says that he followed the same model which resulted in his account getting suspended. Since then, he has stuck with the Amazon FBA white-label model where he sells household name-brand products. Leon also teaches his students to follow the white-label model in his coaching program.

The 5 Golden Steps

Leon explains that the first step in establishing an Amazon FBA business is to obtain all of the necessary licenses crucial for conducting business on Amazon. The next step is to perform extensive supplier research. The third and fourth steps are to do product research and then purchase the product from the supplier, because to make a profit, one must sell products that are in high demand.. According to Leon, the final step is to ship the product to the Amazon warehouse, where they will take over the procedure and you will only have to earn money from sales from the comfort of your own home.

This is the business model that Leon shares with his students in his coaching program which has resulted in his students earning over $10K per month. In the end, Leon says, "Being consistent and disciplined is the key that can be applied to anything in life and not just e-commerce."