"Leo & Steph" Franco-Brasilian pop art stars present their art collection in every gallery around the world

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Leo & Steph
Léo& Steph are two artists passionate about "Pop Art"

A Franco-Brazilian duo who like to divert everyday objects to make unique and exclusive works of art.

Leo, originally from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil and living in Paris since 2008, is a designer (graphic and interior). He paints, molds, plays with materials, and brushes from an early age.

Steph, originally from Lyon, has worked in the media for over 20 years.

This creative loves art in all its forms.

Passionate about "Pop Art" and passionate about decoration, he wants to create playful and colorful pieces.

Their first art piece is named "LA LOVE CUP".

It is a goblet sculpted in solid transparent Plexiglas and delicately placed on a gold bar (itself designed in polished aluminum).

One exclusive piece that the couple made in collab with French artisans.

The LOVE CUP is representing the lust to make the customer consume the brand and identify to it.

A way to recharge your batteries thanks to the excellence of the brands.

A fragrant mix of art and decoration.

The Lionel Messi madness that arrives at PSG is even shaking up "pop art".

Artists Leo and Steph have created a unique work with the magic trio Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi in the heart of the Parc des Princes.

With their KID CUP character, a faceless being who can be male or female and in which everyone can express their emotions, Leo and Steph lead us into a positive and colorful world where everything is possible.

Their KID CUP character is a reflection of our inner child.

Their works are in galleries in Paris, Cannes, Miami, Laguna Beach, Dallas, Boca Raton, Geneva, and Dubai.

Franco-Brazilian Pop-Art Artists Leo& Steph are excited to announce their new chapter in their business with the launch of a brand new NFT on their collection.

With their already existing collection of extraordinary unique "Kid-Cup" Art pieces, the addition of NFTs is a true "cherry on the top" for this duo-managed French company. This will be the company's introduction to the crypto/blockchain market.

The world of NFT and the others pop art fans and investors are going to get a glimpse of this new path and journey for "LEO & STEPH"

The pop star couple said :

"We are thrilled to enter the NFT world and have our exclusive designed NFT added to our art pieces, we are excited to hear and see people's feedback all around the globe!

We were honored to have as an ally the art director of the house Balmain mrRousteing Olivier who pushed our communication to another level by sharing the piece in his social media who is followed by Mbappe, Neymar, and Messi for the PSG foundation creation. This new design exclusive for NFT called "KID CUP NFT ONE" represents the travel of the Kid Cup to a digital world. A real bridge inspired by our crypto-partners, NFTCOC in Japan! "

One famous NFT investor who goes by the name of Tony Evans gave his opinion on the company's recent venture.

He continued: " We are extremely happy to be collaborating with Leo & Steph, I am confident that with their help we can push the marketplace of Artwork in NFT forward"

While they have been artists for a long time, Leo&Steph's first creation was called: " LA LOVE CUP".

This is a goblet sculpted in see-through solid plexiglass and dexterously placed on a gold bar made of polished aluminum.

That was made with the help of French crafters.

All Leo & Steph's paintings are unique, exclusive, and customizable works.

Some pieces of art are exclusively for their own galleries, some other pieces can be bought straight from the artists themselves.

At the moment, the prices of the pieces depends on model and size the customer chooses.

The powerful couple says:

"All our paintings are made in Gallery quality with a unique and high-end rendering.

We are glad to say that our brand new digital artwork is now available on the blockchain! "

The powerful pop art lover artists love what they do more than anything.

They like to create new ways of consuming day-to-day simple objects into unique and exclusive pieces of art.

Leo is a Brazilian living in Paris since 2008, working as a graphic and interior designer.
His expertise lies in painting, molding, and experimenting with different materials and brushes. Steph is from Lyon, in France, and has worked in the media for over two decades now. He is extremely passionate about decoration and enjoys creating playful and colorful pieces.
We are waiting to know what they have up in their sleeves next, with their NFTs, next art galleries..

Leo & Steph the franco Brazilian pop art couple are always working on new projects and amaze us every time!

Discover their Instagram and their website: @leo_et_steph or leoetsteph.com

Go follow them! And check their amazing pieces of work