Leo Olsen Guillot Reveals What Drives Him to Train Entrepreneurs about Social Media

Leo Olsen Guillot

A millionaire by 19; running a social media agency successfully before 20; providing social media consulting services to startups and top-notch brands. These are goals that most people want to achieve in their lives. But Leo Olsen Guillot isn't one from the crowd. He stands out for his social media marketing expertise. His knowledge of this field and his determination to become a successful entrepreneur helped him achieve so much at such a young age. We feel fortunate that Mr. Olsen could make time to talk to us.

Q: Mr. Olsen, thank you so much for coming. We all know about your success stories. Can you tell us about some of the hurdles you faced before becoming who you are today?

A: Well, thank you for calling me. And thanks for such kind words. I think every entrepreneur has his own struggles and hurdles. It's how you overcome them that determines whether you are a successful or average entrepreneur. In my case, starting a business at a young age was itself a challenge. People didn't take me seriously. They thought I was just trying my luck to make some money. Secondly, my fitness platform business failed massively. I started Real Fitness in 2016, but I had to shut it down due to its poor performance. I think these two setbacks helped me shape myself as a better entrepreneur.

Q: You are into consultancy and you coach entrepreneurs. How do you handle both?

A: I've always wanted to give back to my community. Yes, I became successful at a young age. But that didn't stop me from changing my perspective to help others. Money matters, but my moral values remain the same. And so, no matter how many hours I work every day, I don't feel stressed because this is what I had planned to do when I started. I think this attitude helps me balance my work well.

Q: Do you not feel that some of the entrepreneurs whom you train are better, and you should invest more time to help them become successful faster?

A: No, I consider everyone to be equal. Sure, a few entrepreneurs are better than others. But that's the same in every industry. You can't expect everyone to have the same level of knowledge and experience. I feel that a successful entrepreneur isn't the one who works hard only. A good entrepreneur is one who balances hard work with smart work. My job is to help entrepreneurs create that balance. If I spend more time with a few entrepreneurs, imagine what the rest will think. I don't work that way.

Q: Don't you feel tired teaching the same thing to entrepreneurs?

A: Absolutely not! Every entrepreneur is different. And I don't have a one-size-fits-all strategy for all entrepreneurs. That's what makes my job interesting. I get to test my skills every day as I meet new people. I think that drives me more than the money I earn from this job.

Thank you so much, Mr. Olsen, for making time for this interview. It was splendid talking to you, and we hope you keep helping aspiring entrepreneurs reach for their dreams.