Leicester City complete fairytale run to win English Premier League

With most chasers falling by the wayside, it was all left to the Spurs to stop Leicester on the tracks.

Bouncing back from near-relegation last season, unheralded side Leicester City completed a fairytale run at the English Premier League, writing one of the most incredible sagas in sporting history.

Leicester was in the third tier of the English league seven years ago, and odds at the beginning of the season were stacked against them 5,000-1.

Fancied sides like Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham faded even as Leicester knocked up an almost unbeatable run in the season with enviable consistency.

With most chasers falling by the wayside, it was all left to the Spurs to stop Leicester on the tracks. However, after Leicester drew 1-1 at Manchester United on Sunday, the Spurs needed to win all three of their remaining matches to catch up with upstart side of Ranieri.

Tottenham took an early lead in Monday's crucial match at Stamford Bridge with Harry Kane and Son Heung-min scoring, but gave away the lead in the latter half. An 83rd minute goal by Eden Hazard helped Chelsea keep level with the Spurs, helping Leicester win the English title.

"I'm so proud ... I never expected this when I arrived. I'm a pragmatic man, I just wanted to win match after match and help my players to improve week after week. Never did I think too much about where it would take us," Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri said.

With the Spurs losing agent Chelsea, Leicester have kept their seven-point lead over them. Their home match against Everton on Saturday will now be a formality.

"Saturday can't come quickly enough. I can't wait to get my hands on the trophy," defender Wes Morgan said.

"In terms of domestic football, Leicester City winning the Premier League is the greatest achievement ever and I think it will never be surpassed ... "It is incredible. This is a turning point in Premier League history," former Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage told BBC.